Tuesday Confessional

This post was originally going to be titled Monday Night Confessional but that obviously did not happen. But when it's random, does timing really matter?

* First of all let's get the DWTS drama out of the way. Did y'all see it? Man oh man, I felt so bad for Maks and Kirstie! They both soldiered on and finished their dance with such grace, but still...I hate that they fell. Maks, in case you didn't know is my favorite pro dancer, love his style, humor and bad-boy attitude. He and Kirstie seem to get along really well (remember when he had to suffer through dancing with Denise Richards?) and respect each other.

* Annelise got to wear PJs to school yesterday (apparently this is the height of coolness), even though she was one of only a handful of fellow first-graders that didn't have slippers (the outrage!). She also (and I should add finally) got to have Show & Tell. There was much agony over the weekend trying to decide what to take since it couldn't be a toy (the outrage!). She decided on Scott's old lock box, that has a *secret* code, and which she uses to store important *things*. What was inside yesterday you might wonder? Her YMCA soccer trophy from three years ago and two marbles.
* Annelise picked these lovely roses from my dad and Peggy's well maintained flower beds (I always feel twinges of shame when I see ours).
* Also pictured is my scripture spiral with my verse for the first part of April. Honestly I've been slack with my memorization/practice. I've been choosing the verses twice a month and writing them down...and that's about the extent of it. Which is why I picked 1 Corinthians 15:58 since it reminds me "...to always give myself fully to the work of the Lord", which is an attitude that has been sorely lacking in me.

* Like Sunday? Who didn't go to church? Was it me?

* I don't watch Lifetime (no offense), however I've recently discovered Army Wives through Netflix. I'm on Season 2. Don't judge.

* I'm making a commitment to exercise everyday day this week. Hold me to it, m'kay?* Last week I did TurboFire three times which was a good start and will continue this week. It's a fun, fast-paced cardio kickboxing style workout. I really like combining one of the cardio workouts with either core work, HIIT or sculpting (included in the kit) or one of the weight workouts from ChaLEAN Extreme. They're not only good workouts, they are doable and the time seems to fly by (mostly). I love watching the little counter on the bottom of the screen, in a weird way watching it count down keeps me going.
*After blogging for oh, what is it, going on five years (5!!), I finally figured out how to get comments e-mailed to me. Duh! I've tried to answer questions or respond to comments in each post's comment section but sometimes felt like a dork talking to myself. Does anyone go back to read through old comments? I don't know. Now I can reply through e-mail with one click and I'm absurdly excited about that.

* I've been having trouble sleeping. Again. Not going to sleep mind you, but staying asleep. Waking up at 3:00 or 4:00 am, reading for a while, then feeling tired, finally drifting back to sleep right before Scott has to get up or I really do, feeling groggy, cotton-headed and cranky. It's not fun.

* I popped into the library yesterday while Annelise was at dance and since I'd had a lot of water I had to visit the ladies' room, where there was already another occupant. Said occupant DID NOT wash her hands (flashbacks to Seinfeld & Poppi) before she left. EWWW! Since she had her laptop on the floor of her stall (again eww!) I later recognized her out at one of the tables and gave her a verbal beating inside my head. And maybe little bit of my stink eye.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

*How do y'all reply to comments? Do you reply to every single comment (I don't and often feel guilty) or as the mood strikes?*
*Have y'all had a Jerry moment?*
*Anything to confess?*


  1. LOVE Army Wives. It only gets better with each episode. Which one is your favorite wife?


  2. I think I like all of them for different reasons, but Roxie is my favorite. She's so spunky, honest and sweet.

  3. I have been watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix (almost done with Season 3) and next on my list is Army Wives. I've caught parts of episodes on TV here and there and know I'll love it.

  4. I never go back to a blog post to check if the writer responded or not....so I assume others are the same way!

    I have comments delivered to my email and then I respond from there....unless their email is disabled and then it goes into la-la-land...

  5. I do come back and read your comments because I know you are good about responding. I usually only reply to comments that have an email that I can reply to, because I'm lazy like that. Keep up the good work on the exercise, you can do it!

  6. I have wanted to get into Army Wives but haven't yet. Mom and Ashley watches it and they love it. Maybe I will get it on Netflix one day.

    I need to get the comments emailed to me...for the oh, 2 I usually get. At least it won't be hard to answer. haha! I usually try to answer but sometimes forget...oops.

    I have totally been in the bathroom when someone forgets to wash their hands. g.r.o.s.s.

  7. I love Seinfeld!

    You have hot legs. I am envious.

  8. (I have a Seinfeld moment nearly every day. No kidding.)

    Am I a nerd?

    Yes. Yes, I am.

  9. I'm horrified and grossed out by the nonhand washer! I am incapable of doing that. It's even grosser that she was using the laptop with her nonwashed hands. Sickening.

  10. good job on your workouts!

    I have been lax in my memory verses...as in I am not doing them now :(

    I do try to respond to comments

    and we do often have Seinfeld moments!


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