At the Beach

After the first leg of Road Trip 2011 we pulled into the sleepy beach town of Destin, Florida, staying at this condo located directly across from Miramar Beach. We called the middle condo on the third floor home for four perfect days of lazy beach living. This was the view that greeted us each morning:
Just a hop, skip and a jump across the road and our little feetsies were able to strut through the sugary soft white sands and then dip into the cool splashing waves.
To say it was perfection is an understatement.
If Heaven has beaches then they probably look and feel like the ones found around Destin, I'm pretty sure.

Our days mainly consisted of sleeping late, eating breakfast, donning our swimsuits, restocking the tote bag with snacks (pretzels, Pringles, grapes, etc.), grabbing our towels, chairs and sand toys and crossing the street into paradise. I was beside myself with glee, can you tell?
Annelise was too of course.
Especially once she got the hang of her boogie board.
We hardly saw her, except for when she needed a snack or I forced a sunscreen re-apply upon her (oh the torture!).
Or when she felt the need to take a little break (which actually only occurred once or twice).
While she boogied, we passed the time dipping into the surf occasionally, snacking, lounging and reading.
Sand, sun, surf, snacks and BOOKS. Does it get any better? I think not.
We also built a few sand castles.
Annelise, little miss social butterfly, made new friends each day and loved boogie-ing and playing in the sand with them. One afternoon they had quite the project going of digging a huge hole and then trying to fill it up with water (oddly though they never got discouraged by the futility of their efforts).
(Annelise and Maddy)
In the late afternoons, after showers, de-sanding and de-algaeing (it was rather pesky) we lazed around on the balcony reading, chatting and of course people watching.
One thing I regret was not renting bikes when we first got there (kicks self), that would have been fun. We didn't look into it until our last day and decided not to do it that late in our trip.

I wish there was something exciting to report about the beach leg Road Trip 2011, but there really isn't. We ate, we played, we read, we slept.

So I suppose we perfected the art of laziness.

And it was wonderful.
All too soon though it was time to say goodbye to the beach (SOB!)
...until next time.

Coming up: What would a road trip to Florida be without a mouse, a day with Harry or a shuttle launch? Stay tuned...


  1. That sounds like perfection to me! I can't wait until my kids are old enough that going to the beach as a family will be relaxing. Husband and I are going to L.A. this August and I already told him one day will be devoted to me sitting in a chair on the beach with a book or two and nothing else. He might go golfing instead, silly man.

  2. oh how perfect!! I think that is the kind of trip my kids would like right now! I just wish some of the beaches around here were that pretty!

  3. I love relaxing beach vacations. We are going to Destin next month. Unfortunately there won't be much reading for me I fear. But I'm still excited to go.


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