Oh, I'll Be the One In Pink Gingham Spandex. With Fringe.

Well friends, we had a rather eventful weekend.

Not the least of which involved Annelise and I dancing together, on stage, in front of oodles of people during her dance recital Saturday afternoon.

And, by the way, did I mention I had to wear a pink gingham & denim spandex ensemble, complete with fringe and a cowboy hat?

Um, yeah.
But the good news is, after much practice (including extra practice sessions at the studio, video recording following by repetitive viewing and hours of tap dancing in our kitchen) I felt more comfortable with the dance and I didn't totally blank out or fall down while on stage.

So that's good.

It was also good that we danced early (like #3) in Act I so we got our two minutes on stage out of the way, so I could relax and enjoy the rest of the show. I was a bundle of nerves, even to the point of having lots of weird anxiety dreams up until the night before and having to make a pit stop on the drive down to Galveston at a McDonald's (and no, I'm sure I didn't stand out at all in my tap shoes and stretchy pants among all the shorts and swimsuits).

Because I know I'm among friends here I'll go ahead and share the video. If y'all are having a dreary Monday maybe this will brighten your day by knowing at least it wasn't you wearing pink gingham and fringe in public.

At the beginning Annelise and I are on the right side, and yes, that is Annelise darting out on stage after the music starts. Why? Well it seems she suddenly became scared and/or unsure of what to do once the lights went out, instead of following the girls in front of her to get in her place on stage I hear "Mom?...Mom?...Where are you?" and see her still standing backstage right before the music started, which wasn't exactly starting things off on the right foot, er...tap shoe. I whispered as threateningly as I could manage to go get in her spot, and then the music started and it was on with the show. So, um...yeah, I started off a bit flustered but tried to soldier on. After the circle Annelise and I are in the far left corner and finish the dance on that side.

Aren't those costumes something else?

I know y'all are jealous.


Dontcha love my jiggly back fat?

(And yes, my jiggly back fat and I enjoyed that ice cream cone after the show.)

Here's Annelise's jazz dance, she's on the far left.

This year they performed the play Peter Pan during Act II and Annelise was a mermaid. This time she's on the far right.
After listening to me whine and complain for months about trying to learn the dance and having to wear that ridunkulous costume and threaten to never do Mother/Daughter Tap again, Scott and Annelise were quite surprised to hear me announce on the way home that I might just give it another shot next year.

What in the world has come over me?


  1. I love it! Annelise will remember that forever. I think it is so great that you did it. Way to go!

  2. That was too cute! What a great memory for you and Annelise :)

  3. Wow. I really am so impressed that you did that. Truly amazing. You both looked great.

  4. Thanks y'all!

    I know I complained a lot about it (mainly the costume and the fact we didn't finish learning the dance until the week before) but I really am glad we did this together--and maybe we'll do it again--we can do Mother/Daughter tap through 4th grade.

    The costumes were only remotely flattering if you were a six foot tall beanpole--which I am not. Plus I hate hats on me.

  5. It's too cute that you did this, such a fun idea and great memory for the girls. I would love to do something like that, but there's no way I could have pulled off wearing that costume!

  6. OK- Have to say I clapped outloud here by myself watching your dance. LOVED IT!

  7. Hod you are AWESOME for doing this! I don't think I could. and it was really cute and what a wonderful memory for your precious daughter!

  8. Oh Holly! This was wonderful!!!!! The not-so-nicely-placed stars were the worst part of the costume for this viewer. You really do AWESOME!!! Gun slinging fingers and all! I'm really proud of you and Annelise. What a special memory! :)

  9. You and Annelise did AWESOME! :) Maybe next year (fingers crossed) we can dance on the same night!

  10. You. Are. So. Freaking. Awesome!!!

    Seriously--what mother does this? YOU! That's who! I'm sending you a prize.

    If you worked at Dunder Mifflin, you'd get a Dundee for this performance.

    And also--Best blog post title. Evah.

  11. I am just saying this.....you just rocked my world! I love you to death no matter what and I think you looked absolutely marvelous. You were on target with every move! You will NEVER forget this and neither with Annelise.

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