On the Road

As you may have heard, we recently took a little road trip to Florida and back which was something of a milestone since it was our first. We've taken shorter excursions within Texas before and we don't like to count the two hurricane evacuations as vacations, so this was our first 17+hour sojourn across four states.

We got a bit of a later start on Good Friday morning than Scott would have liked but eventually the car was loaded with necessities (like snacks) and we were on our way.
I'll take the brunt of the blame for our tardiness due to the fact we (and I guess I mean me) didn't get everything packed the night before. And I'll just go ahead and confess that the afternoon before our departure instead of packing and cleaning I was trying to get fitted for a new bra and shopping for a laptop bag. Because that is essential for a good vacation. I have no rational explanation except it seemed crucial at the time (bra: fail; laptop bag: score). Aren't I a gem?

Annelise created a nest beside her with a totebag of essentials (Nintendo DS, books, iPod shuffle, drawing paper & markers), pillows, Carly (her AG doll) and our snack tote and with all of that she managed to keep herself entertained, only uttering occasional exasperated sighs followed by, "Are we there yet? How much longer? Can I have some Pringlespretzelscheesewatergoldfishorcandy nooooowww?"
I have a new found appreciation for Mickey D's coffee and their clean restrooms. I'm happy to report that all of our pitstop choices on both legs of the trip (except for maybe one or two) were clean and didn't make you feel like you were having to continue on your journey newly diseased.
One of our stops was at a Chick-Fil-A in Lafayette, LA and y'all know I'm a fan of them but now even more because the manager came over to Scott to compliment him on letting "his ladies" order first and for waiting to get the tray of food. He said most men don't do that and he wanted Scott to know he'd noticed. I know it's a small thing, but wasn't that nice of him to mention? Yep. It reminded me that I need to do better about actually saying things to strangers instead of just thinking them (well, you know, the nice things).

Annelise only fell asleep in the car once, for maybe 30 minutes. And she still won't admit she did even though I have proof.
Other than that, she kept up a running commentary of sights, thoughts, questions and just general CHATTER for most of the trip. I sometimes had to call a talking time out for a few minutes to regain my grasp on my sanity (it's fragile you know).
We broke up the miles and hours on the road into parts. I know some people drive from TX to FL all in one day and live to tell the tale but I know we are NOT those people. On the first leg we drove to Destin, FL where we stayed at the beach for a few days, then drove down to Orlando and then on the way back we stopped for the night outside Mobile, AL. It helped keep the crazy at bay. A bit.

I kept myself entertained with the InstaGram photo app on my phone (notice all the random shots peppered throughout this post), checking The Twitter and even blogging from my phone once. Did you know I love my phone? I tried to take photos of the state welcome signs as we crossed into each one but a.) they always surprised me and 2.) it's hard to snap them at 75 MPH. Oh well.

Another thing that helped pass the time in the car was listening to books on CD. I checked out the first three Harry Potter books on CD from the library and we managed to finish the first two and even got a smidge into the third. The man who reads them does an amazing job with all the character voices and really keeps you entertained. Scott is now hooked (happy dance!) and has picked up Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban to continue reading where we left off. Can you believe we only had one major meltdown during Road Trip 2011? And that it did not even involve Annelise who is 7, but two mature adults aged 48 and 42 respectively? Yeah, I'm so not proud.

As we were driving into Destin and it had gotten dark (remember when I said we didn't leave TX as early as someone had hoped?) and someone was driving and someone else (maybe me) was trying to read the directions (as any good co-pilot would) by map light and before you knew it tempers flared, sarcastic comments were unleashed and there was some shouting. Followed by pointed silence in the car for a few miles. But we both eventually cooled off, found the road we needed and we both apologized to each other and to Annelise.
Overall I suppose the "on the road" part was uneventful, thankfully without car problems or unexpected uh-ohs, and while mostly repetitive and monotonous it was still enjoyable.

Drive. Eat junk food. Drink. Pitstop. Repeat.

So there you have it.

Stay tuned...more from Road Trip 2011 (you know, like the actual vacay parts) coming soon!


  1. I love the instagram photos! Sounds like a great road trip, even with the small bump!

    p.s. I love your blog design!

  2. oh those road trips! our latest was to visit a college in Montgomery AL. we went through Mobile too. We were happy every time to see the "Welcome to State" signs...especially on way home!

  3. The pic of Annelise with her eye mask is HYSTERICAL!!

    You are brave-- 8 hours one way is as long as I go with kids in the car.

  4. Loved all the tweets from your vacay and all the pics. I love A in the eyemask, too! Its GREAT! Such drama, our girls. haha

  5. Love the Road Trip recap! I also love it that you admitted a fussing on the trip...keeping it real! I'm so jealous you were near Mobile, AL - I wanna go now!


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