Pass the Ketchup Please

Because my blog is in dire need of some catch-up. (Get it, ketchup/catch-up? Who's corny, is it me?) (I don't understand spelling ketchup like catsup, that just makes me think of cats and I don't want cat hair in my ketchup, you know?)

Since things are in such dire straits around here (Who hearts the 80s?) I shall resort to my favorite random blogging tool, the list.

1.) Annelise had to make a poster for Social Studies and I tried really, really hard to let her make it 100% her own, only making occasional lay-out and content suggestions (and repeating them somewhat forcefully).
2.) Don't you love the dead plant in the corner? Our porch needs some serious TLC and attention because nothing says welcome like dead leaves, dead bugs and weeds.

3.) Something went missing around here last week and someone was quite excited about it.
4.) Now her smile is so gapey and adorable, but different and older too and I still find myself staring at her while plotting how exactly I can stop my little girl from growing up any more.

5.) Last Wednesday Annelise's class had their End of the Year Party and spent the morning playing at the park.
6.) The good news is: it was overcast, there were plenty of breezes and no one melted (namely me).

7.) After the park, we went roller skating which was loads of fun for those that could skate. As it turns out not all first graders can skate.

What is up with that?

Two hours is really, really just this side of eternity when you can't roller skate (or at least not for longish spurts) and the bouncy play area is under renovation.

But Annelise and approximately three or four other kids had a BLAST.
8.) See? Who is this girl holding that cupcake? It can't be Annelise, she looks too old, like at least second grader old.

9.) Since Friday was her last day of school (YAY!!), I guess Annelise is a second grader now.
10.) I had to bake oodles of cookies for an event last week so I took the easy way out and made cheater cookies thanks to a mini muffin tin, store bought cookie dough and mini Reese's. I hoped I would be so sick of unwrapping those mini Reese's I wouldn't be tempted by any remaining cups of chocolate and peanut butter heaven.


11.) Scott had a bit of surgery on his neck Friday. I guess I can say "bit of surgery" since it wasn't me under the knife, but it was kind of a big deal for him.
12.) His surgeon has also operated on former President Bush (41) and Barbara so Scott felt like he was in really good hands.

13.) It was an out-patient procedure (even though we were there all day anyway) to clean up the area around two compressed cervical disks that had been causing him loads of pain (off and on) and numbness over the past two years or so. Fingers crossed this did the trick!

14.) Scott had been feeling pretty well even right after waking up from surgery and had no side effects from the drugs. Everything was easy breezy Cover Girl until we were about five minutes from home (but still on the freeway) and, well...you know...he went all Linda Blair.


Poor guy. Poor me. Poor car.

I guess it was delayed effects from all the drugs (general anesthesia and pain meds) and/or motion sickness.

Again, ew.

15.) Over the course of his weekend jump-start recovery (while Annelise stayed with Pappo & Grandma and swam herself silly) we watched two movies from Netflix, The Fighter (um, hello Mark Wahlberg, but also coarse language) and The Tourist (I'm still on the fence about Johnny Depp) along with the delightful 7-part series Downton Abbey (LOVED it) We also caught up on our DVR'd Friday Night Lights (Eric Taylor, I love you) and Modern Family.

16.) Annelise celebrated the end of first grade with her Sunday school class after church Sunday with a hot dog and ice cream sundae party hosted by her AMAZING teachers. It was a lot of fun!

17.) Today Scott went back to work with the goal of trying to make it all day. He decided to bring his blue travel pillow for his office chair and test it out in the car.
18.) He can't drive for two weeks so Annelise and I will be his taxi service.

19.) Today is also his birthday (more on that to come).
20.) Okay, don't freak out or anything, but I've started running again. That is, if following a 2:1 run:walk interval for threeish miles yesterday morning and again this morning counts.

I guess that's it.

The blog is officially caught up.

Or maybe I should say ketched up?



  1. I hope Scott has a quick recovery. We haven't watched Modern Family yet but it sounds really funny. We're watching Parks & Rec on Netflix right now. Hilarious!

    Yay for 3 miles!

  2. Between this and the pink spandex post I feel caught up!

    Bless you, I sympathize because I don't do outdoor parties well and I don't do recovering patients at home well either. Or taxi servicing.

    I only posted 4 times in May on my blog, seems like I can't keep up.

  3. bless your heart, i cannot deal with vomit (in the car or out ;)

    and way to go on 3 miles!! i did the couch to 5k app on my phone and it so helped me to run...

    i hope ya'll have a great summer!

  4. Good luck with the recovery, Scott! Downton Abby would make anyone feel better. YUM-MEE!

  5. I love lists :) Looked like your week has been busy! So glad I found your blog (via intsa friday) I am now following! And, I am following you on twitter also. I am @soccermel


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