So to Recap...

Hey y'all! I hope your weekend was refreshing (sorry, that kind of sounds like a bad commercial for feminine products). I've got a few more Road Trip 2011 posts in the works but wanted to pop in with some random tidbits anyway.

1.) Annelise had field day at school Friday and was thrilled to bring home four, count them four, ribbons. No matter how much we reminded her of having fun, enjoying the day, doing her best, etc., I knew she would be crushed if she didn't *win* or *place* in any events (and she's kind of got the whole participation ribbon thing figured out, as in it = lame) so I'm relieved she got a few.
2.) Later that day I heard a few THOMPITTY thomp-thumps and asked her what on earth she was doing. As it turned out, she was stapling her place ribbons on the wall in her room. And guess what else? I didn't freak out. I know. I must be mellowing in my advanced age.

3.) Annelise and I had an extra humiliating mother/daughter tap class Friday evening. Well, humiliating to me, Annelise didn't seemed phased. With vacation, getting ready for vacation and then totally spacing out and forgetting about tap class once (!!!) we missed 3 weeks in a row. We went early and even stayed later to practice but I still feel so inadequate. And clumsy. I figure though if I can really nail the first part of the dance (since we're in the front) up until the crazy circle dance thing in the middle, then the last part won't matter TOO much because I move to the far back corner so I really just need to move my arms like the ladies in front of me. That's my plan for now. Oh, did I mention the recital is 2 weeks away? Send prayers please.

4.) I've done fairly well with my goals so far for the Reshaping It All challenge. Well, fairly well if eating 3/4 of a turkey burger and sweet potato fries (dipped in jalapeno cheese sauce, because that's yummy) at Fuddrucker's Friday night counts. And taking a brownie to-go and eating it late that night.

But it was good.

5.) Annelise went to a ninja themed birthday party Saturday afternoon, which was fun. Mostly. Now she wants nun-chucks and karate lessons.
6.) We celebrated Mother's Day in a low-key way, which is really my favorite way. Annelise was excited to give me her present, which was a recipe book she made at school and quite entertaining to read. Her contribution was a recipe for Blue Burgers, consisting of buns, patties and tomatoes since that's how she likes to eat her burgers, basically plain. I'm not clear why she called them blue though.

After church we enjoyed a yummy lunch at La Madeleine.
And yes, I got a lemon tart in honor of my special day. And it was good. We also stopped by Barnes & Noble and Scott bought me two royal wedding commemorative issues of US and USA Today so I can soak up more William & Kate-ness.

Then, since it was my day you know, they busied themselves while I retreated to my nest for a date with my magazines and Jack Bauer on Netflix, which was lovely.7.) Did you know that I'm doing P90X (um, again) as part of the RIA challenge? Yes ma'am, I am. It's definitely challenging (um, okay, really hard) but I know the workouts are effective (um, when you stick with it), so I'm looking forward to getting stronger.
I just finished my 6th day (Kenpo X) earlier this morning and feel a teensie bit proud of myself for getting all the way through week one without skipping a day (as I'm oh so prone to do). Some days I wanted to skip because my muscles were crying from the day before but I kept pushing play (as Tony says) each day and now most of the soreness has worked its way out. So YAY for that.

8.) Due to Road Trip 2011 Annelise missed taking her achievement tests. We weren't really concerned about it since she's doing fine and it's only first grade (but I admit I was curious to see the results). I thought they were only offering one makeup day and since she was missing 2.5 days of testing we kept telling her she wouldn't be able to make them up. Imagine her surprise when we told her oops, we misunderstood and she could make them up after all. So I loaded her up with scrambled eggs, sausage, toast and fruit this morning and sent her off on her merry test taking way. She's still a little bitter.

And I guess that brings me to the end of my recap.

Happy Monday, my friends!


  1. sounds like a great weekend!

  2. oh the karate days....!

    I would have picked La Madeleine on Mother's Day too! instead, the guys were out of town, daughter and I watched two episodes of Cosby Show and ate cinnamon rolls (!) then I got in a 25 mile bike ride and 4 mile run before nursing home (church) and son even texted me while he was gone. and he made me breakfast the next morning!

    I need to try that p90x. we have borrowed the ab ripper cd but that's my only experience w/ it so far.


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