What I Wore Wednesday {The Road Trip Edition}

Hello there WIWW friends, long time no see! I haven't posted a fashion-y type post in a while (more on that in a minute) but thought I'd jump back in with a few outfits from our recent road trip to Florida. Since the first few days were spent on the lovely sugary sands of Miramar Beach/Destin I spent most of my time in my swimsuit (a Land's End tankini).

However there is no photo evidence of that.

You're welcome.

But I do have a few others to show y'all. First up is from our day at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure:
grey maxi dress & white knit cardi: forever 21; black blingy flip flops: yellow box; turquoise keep calm & carry on necklace (because it was HOT & crowded): funky vintage lovely; sitting in a tree saddle bag (which can also be worn across the body, love that): vera bradley

I also wore a white tank underneath since this maxi dress was strapless for a bit of extra, um, coverage (and no surprises).

Out to see the last launch of the space shuttle Endeavor (which was unfortunately scrubbed--that's NASA talk for cancelled--for that day):
flowered tunic/dress: target; grey knit cardi: forever 21; bermuda shorts: downeast basics; same blingy flips & bag

Funny side note: I bought those two knit short sleeved cardis to wear as upper arm cover-up for sleeveless tops/dresses, but realized too late they didn't unbutton. Urg. My hubby had to cut them open so I could wear them like a jacket. Good thing they were dirt cheap!

I also wore another cute creation from April @ Funky Vintage Lovely, a mustard flower necklace and ring. It's hard to see in the above photo so here's another one:
On the road again, my traveling home clothes (actually worn two days in a row):
grey boyfriend cardi & white tank: target; coral striped tank: forever 21, bermuda shorts: downeast basics; keep calm & carry on necklace: funky vintage lovely
and these turquoise & coral cutesies from Crystal B.
And the first full day home outfit:green striped t-shirt: target; white tank: old navy; posy pin & posy clip: the pleated poppy; bermudas (yes, AGAIN): downeast basics; pewter blingy flips: yellow box; initial necklace: the vintage pearl

I mentioned earlier that I hadn't done a WIWW post in quite a while, mainly because I find myself wearing the same things most of the time. I get kind of bored with myself (can you imagine?) and my clothes. I also get into a rut of not getting myself together most days.

While I liked to pop around and visit a few of the blogs linked up each week, I allowed seeing so many cute ladies in their stylish, hip, cleverly accessorized outfits each week to stir up feelings of I Wish-I-Want-itis about not only clothes, shoes or accessories but actual physical appearance (hair, weight, whiteness of teeth, etc., all sorts of comparisons were happening in my brain which led to dissatisfaction with myself).

It's really hard for me to admit that. I feel kind of shallow and ridiculous now.

Do y'all know what I mean?

I know the intention of WIWW is to encourage one another to get dressed most days in something other than workout clothes or PJs and it's a fun way to meet other bloggers, so I may still throw together a WIWW post from time to time.

If you get chance be sure to visit The Pleated Poppy for more What I Wore Wednesday posts.


  1. you did great this week and look great. I know the feeling of comparing I find myself doing it each week too! I am going to have try a maxi dress and get me some funky vintage lovely jewelry

  2. I popped right over to Funky Vintage Lovely and ordered two necklaces. She was sold out on the Keep Calm one, which made me want to try! Her stuff is adorable! Please keep linking to all your cute things. LOVE them.

  3. I absolutely know what you mean about all the comparisons and wanting. I love Pinterest, but I have to limit how much I am there because I start to lose my sense of contentment with what I have and who I am.

    I love your Bermuda shorts--they look great.

  4. I love WIWW posts. You look precious. I am glad y'all had fun. Can't wait to see more pictures. :)

  5. girl, it makes me feel better to see someone else re-wearing clothing items as many times as I do! funny how, when you're the one doing the laundry, your definition of clean changes just a little :)

    on a more serious note, I think a lot of us can suffer from WIWW-itis. Definitely hit me big time when I first started. {and I still struggle a little from wanting the hits or comments.} the funny thing is, is that people probably stop by your post and have the same thoughts of your looks and outfits! I think you and your outfits are super cute, and I'll continue to enjoy them when you bless us with a WIWW post!

  6. i know EXACTLY what you mean--i stopped for the same reason. too many things that i just HAD to have because someone else was wearing it. i don't think that's shallow at all--very mature in my opinion.
    i still post every once in a while--but it just gets to be too much and i find myself constantly thinking about what i'm going to wear or if someone left me a comment!
    i do have to say i always love your outfits though. i have the large hobo in sittin' in a tree and it is one of my favorite bags--i just love that print!

  7. I hear ya loud and clear, my friend. It's SO refreshing to see real women with real budgets doing WIWW posts!!!

    You know how much I love your style. That maxi dress is PERFECT. It looks like it has a little tie belt - which is essential for me....otherwise I look like a blob in a maxi. And the tank underneath? Genius. I never would have considered that for the strapless trap. {I have kids pulling at my clothes all the time. NO ONE needs to see that surprise.}

    Too funny about the cardis ;-)

  8. Thanks y'all so much. It makes me feel better to know that a few of y'all understand about that nasty comparison trap. I hate that I allow myself to feel that way sometimes--and blogging can certainly feed it sometimes.

    I wear the same things a LOT, I wear things several times between washings (if I can get away with it), I'm tempted to shop more often than I should, I have a muffin top, obsess about comments and then feel guilty about all of it...I'm human. :) Y'all made me feel better for understanding.

    Yes, that dress has a rope belt which gave it a little shape thank goodness.

  9. I am wearing the same Target tee in my post this week too... we have a bunch of the same clothes actually... i have a few pieces from funky vintage lovely too... you look great!

  10. I understand your feelings, I just didn't say anything. I totally understand and that's one reason why I never did WIWW because honestly, I hate my clothes. Anywoo....just thought I'd add that.

  11. You have totally inspired me and my outfit choices since I started reading your blog. You're only human like the rest of us and we can't help but compare ourselves to others. You are a very creative and witty person! Thanks.

  12. Nicole: Thanks girl! I really like that striped shirt and wish I had grabbed one in another color when I was there, now they're probably all picked over.

    Heather: Thanks my friend! And you do to have cute clothes! :)

    Stacie: Thanks! I guess it's only natural to fall into comparing--but it's such a trap. Ugh!

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