Note to Self

Don't forget to savor the sweet moments in life.

Even if they're messy.
Or if you have to use both hands.
Don't ever be too scared or too busy or too distracted or too {insert current excuse} to dig deep and scrape up the sweetest parts from life.
Go ahead and lick 'em up.
Because they're the best.


What I Wore Wednesday

Stop the presses, alert the media, I am back for another edition of WIWW two, count them two, weeks in a row.

I don't know what in the world has come over me.

But as you shall soon see, this week's edition is eerily similar to the last (but at least I didn't fib to y'all on about having a basic summer uniform, right?).
yellow cardi, grey tank & white top: target
denim shorts: downeast basics
pewter bling-y flips: yellow box (zappos)
turquoise keep calm & carry on necklace: funky vintage lovely
green striped top & white tank: target
joe's jeans denim shorts: 6pm.com
initial necklace: the vintage pearl
same bling-y flips
orange top: kohl's
orange tank: old navy
denim shorts: downeast basics
same bling-y flips and keep calm necklace

Can I just tell y'all that I wear the same three pairs of denim shorts all the time and (here's the kicker) I only throw them in the laundry when I can't remember the last time they visited there.

Is that really gross?

Are we still friends?

I hope so!

As always, I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy. Be sure to pop over there to see more WIWW posts.

pleated poppy


InstaFriday {Vol. 4}

It's InstaFriday time again, my friends!

(Wait, did y'all just roll your eyes?)

Let's go ahead and take a peek at my random cell phone photos from this week, it'll be quick and painless, I promise.
I decided my nails needed a punch of summer this week, so I turned to my good friend Sally for help. If you've never tried her complete salon manicure (all in one bottle) you should. I fell head over heels last fall in love with her (I'm assuming there is a real Sally Hanson somewhere) Commander in Chic (a grey taupe) and Midnight in NY (a blue-black with sparkles).

But for summer, Kook-a-Mango is my girl (a bright punchy coral).
Annelise occupied herself, along with Kit and Carly, most of yesterday playing school.

Love that.

I stumbled upon them at *lunch* and couldn't stop myself from snapping a picture.
If Annelise is with me when I have to stop by the bank (drive-through of course), she pulls out all the stops, window down, leaning out, waving, silly faces, etc. to make sure the teller sees her in the hopes the bank tube will be returned with a Dum Dum or two.

I hate Dum Dums.

Are y'all sitting down?

It rained in Texas this week.

Like twice.

Good earth soaking, mud-inducing, puddle forming, downpours.

Praise. And glory.
Annelise and I went to our happy place last week, otherwise known as the library.

It was lovely.

Along with a respectable stack of Nancy Drews, Betsy Tacys and Puppy Places, along with a few movies for Annelise, I checked out the first four books of The Wilderness series by Sara Donati. I'm on the second one now, Dawn on a Distant Shore, and can't put it down.

As in, who *forgot* to do laundry this week?
And finally, I got my hairs did Saturday. Or re-did as the case may be.

All things considered it turned out basically the same as always just shorter and brighter.

Just the way I like it.
Be sure to pop on over to Jeannett's blog for more InstaFriday fun!
life rearranged
Happy, happy weekend, y'all!


What I Wore Wednesday {My Basic Summer Uniform}

Hello there What I Wore Wednesday-ites!

I've been MIA from WIWW for a while but thought I'd pop in to share two variations of my basic summer uniform. That is, if I actually shower and change out of my exercise clothes or if we're not going to the pool I'm usually tossing on a tank, shirt, denim shorts, bling-y flip flops and a bit of jewelry (it's HOT here in Texas, so not too many accessories).

Variation #1:
navy stripe tunic & denim shorts: downeast basics
pewter flips: yellow box
mustard mum necklace & ring: funky vintage lovely
And please pardon a partial picture of my heinie, but this pair of shorts has more, um, bling-ed out pockets and white stitching and I'm a bit unsure about my feelings of said bling on my bottom. I normally have pockets that are very plain or just a touch of stitching, but I know it's a look that's very "in" right now, but I'm still on the bling-y bottom fence I think.

Variation #2:
puffy peasant blouse & earrings: stein mart
(and ALL day I kept thinking about the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode)
brown tank: old navy
joe's jeans denim shorts: 6pm.com
brown blingy flip flops: yellow box
awkward pose that makes it look like I need to pee: my mistake
here's a closer peek at the earrings (sorry for the blur):
So there you have it, my WIWW friends, two variations on my basic summer attire. If anything ever happened to my three pairs of long denim shorts I would fall to pieces, I wear them constantly.

What's your basic summer uniform?
What do you think of bling-y pockets/white stitching?

Be sure to visit The Pleated Poppy for more WIWW fun!

pleated poppy


Sixteen Years

This past Friday was our 16th anniversary.

As in Scott and I have been married for sixteen years.


Sixteen years (and for some reason I keep wanting to type Sixteen Candles) falls somewhere between just this side of forever and just yesterday I was walking down the aisle with a large bow on my butt.

You would think when faced with the opportunity to celebrate our sweet sixteenth we would have made big plans.

Alas, we did not.

Our sweet sixteenth was going to have to fly by the seat of its pants, and we were a-okay with that (really).

We started things off with lunch, party of three.
I finally got my way and we tried Indian food for the first time. Annelise was even excited about it (?!?!) and bravely sampled several things. We heaped praise upon her head in the hopes she will continue to be adventurous in her food choices.
I neglected to take a photo of all three of us, however I did manage to take one of my plate. How do you spell priorities?

Everything was dee-lish, I can't wait to go again sometime.

Later that day, Annelise invited herself over to Pappo and Grandma's house for a sleepover (she's oh-so-subtle) so Scott and I were able to go out for supper at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant.


Didn't you know 16 is the multi-cultural anniversary? Look it up.

We had never been there on a Friday night before, so imagine our surprise when soon after ordering we noticed a woman walk up to their little stage wrapped in silk and heard the music (they had a man playing the keyboard) suddenly, um...change.

As it turns out Friday evenings offer, um...lively entertainment.

In the form if this:
Could someone please enlighten me on proper belly dance viewing etiquette?

Do you feign ignorance of the fact a scantily clad woman is dancing gyrating all around you? Do you glance up occasionally and offer smiles of appreciation? Do you grab handfuls of pita bread and sit back and enjoy the show? Do you tuck dollar bills into her sari (some people did that and I get it, but still thought "ewwww")?

We were unsure and fell somewhere between occasional glances to uncomfortable embarrassment.

But we won't forget our 16th anniversary anytime soon either.

We even stretched our celebrating into Saturday by catching a matinee of Super 8 (because let's face it, if we'd gone late Friday night I'd have fallen asleep). We both really enjoyed it, especially the storyline of the boys (and one girl) making their movie and being goofy, awkward preteen friends (think Goonies, Stand By Me) circa 1979. And I enjoyed it a bit more because Kyle Chandler (AKA Coach Eric Taylor, LOVE him) played the deputy sheriff. It's PG-13 so the kids kind of had potty mouths (why, seriously?) and there was plenty of humor/sweetness/action/special effects. We gave it four thumbs up.
We forgot to snap a photo on our actual special day (perhaps we were slightly distracted by the belly dancer tinkling her finger cymbals and balancing a sword on her head), so Annelise snapped this photo on Sunday.

And that was our fly by the seat of our pants, no plan sweet sixteenth anniversary stretched across a weekend.

Have you ever seen belly dancers, like while you eat?
Have you seen Super 8? Do you wanna?


Happy Father's Day 2011

This little girl loves her daddy.

Like a lot, a lot.

As well she should.
He's a daddy who is always up for playing outside, having Lego Star Wars contests, making up silly stories and songs, sharing his quarters for those junk toy/candy/video game machines that are oh so tempting, going on long bike rides and just generally bringing the fun to her daily life.

In other words he's an all around super duper daddy.

Annelise made a card for Scott today to wish him a Happy Father's Day and signed it "from your faverit dather", which was cute since she's his only one. He got to pick the restaurant for lunch today after church (well, Annelise and I had to agree and we vetoed his first choice of BBQ but all happily agreed on a yummy Italian place).

And then?

Then I coerced her into making a short video so I could practice my mad 8mm iPhone app skills.

And clearly I don't have any. In my feeble defense this was my first attempt and before we could re-shoot (that's film lingo you know) she took off to go swimming at Pappo and Grandma's house (I can't compete with that). That said, here are the top five (or six or seven) things Annelise loves about her daddy.
Note to self: Next time turn off the old timey sound on the 8mm app and don't even try to get a 7 year old to focus when she's itching to hit the pool.

Hope y'all had a wonderful day celebrating the daddys in your life (and in your memories). They are such a blessing!


InstaFriday {Vol. 3}

Hey there y'all!

It's time for another exciting edition of InstaFriday where I recap the week's random photos captured by my iPhone (usually with the Instagram or Hipstamatic apps just in case you were curious) and jump into the linky party over at Jeannett's blog, Life Rearranged.

Join me, won't you?
I may have mentioned once or twice that Annelise spent most of the week at a totally awesome (her words) basketball camp that just so happened to be at my former high school.

It was kind of cool to step back inside the gym, especially in my Chucks.

But I still felt kind of old.
Scott and I managed two squeeze in two, count them two, lunch dates while Annelise was busy chasing her hoop dreams.

One day was at our favorite Thai place and the next day was Tex-Mex.

Not that I'm bitter or anything.

(Wait, maybe I am.)
Welcome to Texas in June.

Otherwise known as why air conditioning ROCKS.

The running?

It's still happening.

Oh yeah.

(And so is the eating...shhh, don't tell.)
After four early mornings and days filled with chasing basketballs, running up and down the courts shooting hoops, followed by a few later nights (an Astros game and church and general dawdling last night), someone slept in this morning.

In fact, she's STILL asleep.

So, three guesses (and the first two don't count) about what I've been up to this morning:
You were right.

Happy, happy weekend, my friends!

life rearranged



Rejection #1:
Since Annelise has been in basketball camp this week Scott and I have been able to go on two lunch dates (YAY) which has been fun. Not to sound disgruntled or ungrateful but early in the week I asked him to take me to a local Indian restaurant because 1.) they have a lunch buffet so it'd be a great way to try different dishes since we've never eaten Indian food and b.) Annelise wouldn't feel cheated out of eating Indian food while she was at camp (or so I thought).

For several reasons (okay, mainly because Scott was worried spicy food would mess him up prior to yesterday's job fair thingie) we decided on Thursday.

I was looking forward to it.

And then we had to change our plans.

As in cancel them.

Because for today only chili dogs are only 88 cents at James Coney Island and his coworkers have been talking about going all week.

I've been jilted by a chili dog.


Rejection #2
Since today is the last day of basketball camp I wanted to take some pictures of Annelise getting her hoops on this morning.

She was soooo excited to have me stay for a bit and also reminded to come early for the award ceremony this afternoon.

At least she seemed excited as we were driving and then walking up to the gym.

Whole other story once we opened the gym door, you know, where all the kids and all the balls and all the hoops were.

Guess who was left in her dust like a red headed stepchild? (or a mom with a camera)
But I still managed to get a few shots before I slinked on out so as not to embarrass her further.

It's a good thing wives and moms have thick skin.


Hodge with a Dash of Podge on Tuesday

I know. That title totally made you want to read this post didn't it? I clearly have a gift for the clever titles.


What do you do the morning after you eat at Cici's Pizza (which was gross and yummy at the same time, you know, but super duper extra fun because we ran into our really good friends there)?
You drag your tail out of bed the next morning and run four miles (photo from the other day, but I promise I ran a quad this morning too).

And as crazy as it sounds, it felt really good. Really.

I think my running groove is finally coming back after a doozie of a dormant spell. It's funny to think my body was just patiently waiting for me through a season (or two) of sloth and gluttony, to get my act together and start treating it better through both my food choices (well, don't tell it about Cici's) and exercise. I don't want to ever take it for granted that I can run (some may say wog) and push myself with things like P90X. Speaking of that, I'm in the second phase of P90X now where the weight routines are a bit different to keep your body guessing. This phase is going to last a while because it's been hard to fit in a run and an hour (or longer some days) of P90x each day. I mean, a girl can only sweat so much, you know?
In other news, Annelise is beside herself with excitement over basketball camp. I didn't quite know how she would take to so many hours of b-ball in one day and repeated for four days, but my worries were silly because our little sporty girl is eat.ing. it.up. I went a bit early yesterday to pick her up, you know, in case she was worn out and I was surprised to see her still giving it her all with a side serving of gusto as they played their last scramble game.

I'm glad she's having fun but I kind of miss my little sidekick.

But I did make a pedicure appointment for tomorrow.

Are y'all watching So You Think You Can Dance? Huh? Are y'all? Well, if you aren't, you totally should and now is the perfect time to jump on in since they just finished the auditions and announced the Top 20 dancers last week.

Go ahead and set your DVR. Now. I'll wait.

Scott and I both love the show and all the different styles of dancing showcased each week. It's campy and fun and inspiring and chock full of cool music and dance routines that make you say wowzers.

Like this little geisha number choreographed by Sonya (love her, even though she's a bit scary) (and speaking of scary, does anyone know if Mia Michaels will be back this season? I must see her hair):

The girls are fierce this season. Fierce.

Wait, I think the judges said that eleventy thousand times. Oh well.

And that song (Pop Drop & Roll) is one of my faves right now (it makes an excellent running song, just FYI).

Happy Tuesday y'all!


InstaFriday {Vol. 2}

Are y'all ready to take a gander at all the photos I snapped with my iPhone this week (using the Hipstamatic app and the terrifical (in Ramona Quimby speak) Instagram app)?

Well okay then...let's get this party started.
Last Saturday I made the executive decision that we should go out for breakfast, so I hustled and herded my people (all two of them) out to the car and we made a mad dash over to the IHOP by 8:30.

Can I get a yum?
Annelise has been spending lots of time with these guys again:
Even though we've saved all the directions for each of her Lego sets I don't think she'll ever build the original things again. We even tried (briefly) to organize her Legos into different themed boxes, but I think it's all a hodge-podge now.

Now she just builds whatever strikes her creative fancy (which yesterday was a skate ramp with attached garage/tree house, she changes her mind a lot) and I kind of love that.Does anything scream summer louder than a BLT with home grown, fresh from the garden tomatoes?

I think not.
We are knee deep in reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe out loud most evenings and are l.o.v.i.n.g it.

Our goal is to read the Narnia series this summer and then watch the movies (thanks to our awesome friend Netflix).
Annelise and I have also squeezed in some pool time in the middle of our busy summer schedules.

Okay, I guess we don't really have schedules.

And it's quite delightful.

Annelise hardly gets out of the water, so imagine my surprise when she plopped down next to me to curl up with a book.
For approximately 1.5 minutes and then she was back to splashing.

That is until she needed a snack of course.
Can you guess why Annelise is grinning from ear to ear in this picture?Could it be because she had an awesome week at the most awesome tennis camp ever?


She didn't complain once about the early bird wake up calls (camp started @ 7:30) or the 1.5 hours spent running and playing and practicing drills and skills cleverly disguised as games in the hot Texas sun and is eagerly awaiting the next session in July.

So that's good.

(Didja know I'm a fan of run-on sentences? It's true.) (And parentheses.)
Scott snapped this last photo to document my last time playing his taxi driver to and from work (well, I guess I still need to pick him up this afternoon). After two weeks post surgery I think we've all had enough of that and he is oh so ready to fire me.

I'm just glad this IG filter hid my no make-up morning look along with the zit the size of South America festering on my chin. At 42 I should really be past the whole zit thing, but sadly, I'm not. The good news is the apple cider vinegar I've been doctoring it with is working (like even overnight!), so YAY.

And I guess after a little zit talk I better shut this down now.

Be sure to pop (sorry, couldn't resist) over to Life Rearranged to see more Instagram goodness.
life rearranged
Happy weekend y'all!


Running (A Work in Progress)

Something clicked in my brain last week and I decided to start running again.

Just like that.

I laced up my (new) running shoes (Mizuno Wave Rider 10s), smeared on some body glide, charged up my iPod* and showed up on the street at 6:00 a to the m and got my feetsies moving again.

It wasn't necessarily pretty, it was excessively sweaty and yet in a weird way it was still fun.

And then I did it again the next day. And then the next. And so forth.

New (again) habits take repetition, don't they?

Last week I logged 14 miles and this week I've logged 13 (so far). This morning I ran 2.5 miles before taking Annelise to tennis camp and then hit the track (I know!) for 2 more miles (walking the curves and running the straights). I even "ran" the bleachers, well, sort of and only 2-3 times, but still.

I don't know what has come over me, but I like it.

Yes, it's hard to get up early, but you get used to it.
Yes, it's hot and humid even at 6:00am, but you get used to it.

I'm still following run:walk intervals that are embarrassingly short, although this week I've bumped it up to 3:1, and yes, that extra minute of running is killer. Will I ever get back to 5:1 intervals or even straight running? Is this the rebirth of Marathon Bird? Maybe. I hope so.

I'll keep you posted.

*My iPod is my running life saver, I don't think I could run without it. I added a few new (to me) songs:

Dynamite by Taio Cruz
Howlin' for You & Everlasting Light by the Black Keys
On the Floor by J Lo

but can still bust my running groove old school with It Takes Two by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock and don't forget Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen. Gotta give a HOLLA to Anne for sending me an awesome running CD full of dance-y remixes that really keep my feet going, thanks again girlie!

Now I'm curious, what songs are getting your feet moving these days?


Of Birthdays and Boogie Boards

Last week in my ketchup post I mentioned that I would post about Scott's birthday soon.

And then I promptly forgot about it (no reflection at all on the birthday boy, just my typical procrastination).

And then I remembered and felt kind of guilty.

So here we go.

Last Tuesday was Scott's 49th birthday and I think he's okay about me revealing his age because 1.) he's not a girl and b.) he posted on Facebook about how he's only 1 year away from AARP benefits.

While Scott was at work Annelise and I baked him a cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting, please), and yes, it was from a box mix because that's exactly what he asked for (even when given the option of a cake made from scratch he chose preservative cake instead, so there you go). Even though I am a bit of a control freak I tried to curb those tendencies and allowed Annelise to do 98% of the baking, including breaking the eggs, which she always desperately begs to do and I usually say no because I just can't handle the stress of that. And guess what? She did fine (maybe because I held my breath?) and although she utilizes more of a two thumb punch to not-so-delicately crack them, no shells fell into the batter.

I even let her do most of the frosting (and yes, it was canned chemical frosting because that's what the BBoy wanted, and yes, it was delicious).
I have no explanation for the goggles (that apparently still had the peel-off stickers over the eyes) but they were required frosting attire.

We picked Scott up from work a bit early (it was his first day back post surgery and turned out to be a really long day for him*) and then hit Olive Garden for an early bird supper (he is 49 you know).
My dad and Peggy came over later that evening for cake and presents, but I forgot to take any pictures (hangs head in shame). They gave him three new shirts and Annelise and I gave him a new PS video game (Tiger Woods golf) that he'd been eyeing for a while because even 49 year olds still like their video games.
All in all I think the Birthday Boy enjoyed his special day.

*After spending most of the weekend in one of our recliners with his neck nicely supported it was quite the shock to have to sit up-right in his work chair that offered no neck support at all. So Scott, the engineer formulated a plan for the next day. Thanks to Annelise's boogie board, a pillow and his travel neck ring thingie he was able to endure the rest of his work week much more comfortably.
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