Hodge with a Dash of Podge on Tuesday

I know. That title totally made you want to read this post didn't it? I clearly have a gift for the clever titles.


What do you do the morning after you eat at Cici's Pizza (which was gross and yummy at the same time, you know, but super duper extra fun because we ran into our really good friends there)?
You drag your tail out of bed the next morning and run four miles (photo from the other day, but I promise I ran a quad this morning too).

And as crazy as it sounds, it felt really good. Really.

I think my running groove is finally coming back after a doozie of a dormant spell. It's funny to think my body was just patiently waiting for me through a season (or two) of sloth and gluttony, to get my act together and start treating it better through both my food choices (well, don't tell it about Cici's) and exercise. I don't want to ever take it for granted that I can run (some may say wog) and push myself with things like P90X. Speaking of that, I'm in the second phase of P90X now where the weight routines are a bit different to keep your body guessing. This phase is going to last a while because it's been hard to fit in a run and an hour (or longer some days) of P90x each day. I mean, a girl can only sweat so much, you know?
In other news, Annelise is beside herself with excitement over basketball camp. I didn't quite know how she would take to so many hours of b-ball in one day and repeated for four days, but my worries were silly because our little sporty girl is eat.ing. it.up. I went a bit early yesterday to pick her up, you know, in case she was worn out and I was surprised to see her still giving it her all with a side serving of gusto as they played their last scramble game.

I'm glad she's having fun but I kind of miss my little sidekick.

But I did make a pedicure appointment for tomorrow.

Are y'all watching So You Think You Can Dance? Huh? Are y'all? Well, if you aren't, you totally should and now is the perfect time to jump on in since they just finished the auditions and announced the Top 20 dancers last week.

Go ahead and set your DVR. Now. I'll wait.

Scott and I both love the show and all the different styles of dancing showcased each week. It's campy and fun and inspiring and chock full of cool music and dance routines that make you say wowzers.

Like this little geisha number choreographed by Sonya (love her, even though she's a bit scary) (and speaking of scary, does anyone know if Mia Michaels will be back this season? I must see her hair):

The girls are fierce this season. Fierce.

Wait, I think the judges said that eleventy thousand times. Oh well.

And that song (Pop Drop & Roll) is one of my faves right now (it makes an excellent running song, just FYI).

Happy Tuesday y'all!


  1. I heart you.

    When are ya moving to Utah to be my neighbor?

  2. Crystal...she is never allowed to move! haha!

    CiCi's was divine...so was the arcade, according to some little girls. haha!

    I am so proud of you for getting your running mojo back! I am still waiting for mine. ha

  3. I took your advice and dvr'd SYTYCD and finished it last night around midnight. I was so pumped with adrenaline I didn't fall asleep until after 2 am!

    Then after my workout today I thought I'd do a bonus cardio sesh and play it again, trying my hardest to do some of the moves. HA! that was fun. (glad no one saw me)

  4. Crystal: Well...I would love to visit Utah one day. :)

    Heather: Annelise declared it the best night ever, she was soooo happy to get to play with Macy and the other girls!

    Anna: Glad you liked SYTYCD! It's addictive. I don't know yet who I'm really rooting for, there's just TOO much talent.

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