InstaFriday {Vol. 2}

Are y'all ready to take a gander at all the photos I snapped with my iPhone this week (using the Hipstamatic app and the terrifical (in Ramona Quimby speak) Instagram app)?

Well okay then...let's get this party started.
Last Saturday I made the executive decision that we should go out for breakfast, so I hustled and herded my people (all two of them) out to the car and we made a mad dash over to the IHOP by 8:30.

Can I get a yum?
Annelise has been spending lots of time with these guys again:
Even though we've saved all the directions for each of her Lego sets I don't think she'll ever build the original things again. We even tried (briefly) to organize her Legos into different themed boxes, but I think it's all a hodge-podge now.

Now she just builds whatever strikes her creative fancy (which yesterday was a skate ramp with attached garage/tree house, she changes her mind a lot) and I kind of love that.Does anything scream summer louder than a BLT with home grown, fresh from the garden tomatoes?

I think not.
We are knee deep in reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe out loud most evenings and are l.o.v.i.n.g it.

Our goal is to read the Narnia series this summer and then watch the movies (thanks to our awesome friend Netflix).
Annelise and I have also squeezed in some pool time in the middle of our busy summer schedules.

Okay, I guess we don't really have schedules.

And it's quite delightful.

Annelise hardly gets out of the water, so imagine my surprise when she plopped down next to me to curl up with a book.
For approximately 1.5 minutes and then she was back to splashing.

That is until she needed a snack of course.
Can you guess why Annelise is grinning from ear to ear in this picture?Could it be because she had an awesome week at the most awesome tennis camp ever?


She didn't complain once about the early bird wake up calls (camp started @ 7:30) or the 1.5 hours spent running and playing and practicing drills and skills cleverly disguised as games in the hot Texas sun and is eagerly awaiting the next session in July.

So that's good.

(Didja know I'm a fan of run-on sentences? It's true.) (And parentheses.)
Scott snapped this last photo to document my last time playing his taxi driver to and from work (well, I guess I still need to pick him up this afternoon). After two weeks post surgery I think we've all had enough of that and he is oh so ready to fire me.

I'm just glad this IG filter hid my no make-up morning look along with the zit the size of South America festering on my chin. At 42 I should really be past the whole zit thing, but sadly, I'm not. The good news is the apple cider vinegar I've been doctoring it with is working (like even overnight!), so YAY.

And I guess after a little zit talk I better shut this down now.

Be sure to pop (sorry, couldn't resist) over to Life Rearranged to see more Instagram goodness.
life rearranged
Happy weekend y'all!


  1. Your summer looks great so far!!! I have to say that tennis camp is the greatest thing in the world. It's how I spent my childhood!
    Oh...and as for the zit talk...it still happens to this 39 year old. I swear I get more zits as an adult than I did as a teenager. I think it's parenting stress! Ha!

  2. Looks like you had a great week. I love BLT's! In fact, maybe I'll have one this weekend.

    I took my first tennis lesson (since jr. high) this week too, but instead of a big smile, I was holding back tears. I'm decent at fake tennis, but horrible at real tennis. I hate being horrible at things!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. this week I had a tomato and cheese sandwich w/ fresh tomotoes! yum

    and OH! the LWW!! yay! hope you all fall in love w/ it as much as we did. I am actually now reading the philosophy of Narnia (a christmas gift for my sis) mostly it is making me want to read the series again.

  4. Mother's nurse has us all drinking a few tablespoons of the Apple Cider Vinegar. Just like one good swallow and it's down. It is supposed to do all kinds of amazing healing on the inside. Have you tried it?

  5. hopping over from life rearranged! you are funny!! and now i want a BLT.

  6. So fun! I wish I could interest my kids in tennis more. I guess we should make it more fun. They have short attention spans.


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