Of Birthdays and Boogie Boards

Last week in my ketchup post I mentioned that I would post about Scott's birthday soon.

And then I promptly forgot about it (no reflection at all on the birthday boy, just my typical procrastination).

And then I remembered and felt kind of guilty.

So here we go.

Last Tuesday was Scott's 49th birthday and I think he's okay about me revealing his age because 1.) he's not a girl and b.) he posted on Facebook about how he's only 1 year away from AARP benefits.

While Scott was at work Annelise and I baked him a cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting, please), and yes, it was from a box mix because that's exactly what he asked for (even when given the option of a cake made from scratch he chose preservative cake instead, so there you go). Even though I am a bit of a control freak I tried to curb those tendencies and allowed Annelise to do 98% of the baking, including breaking the eggs, which she always desperately begs to do and I usually say no because I just can't handle the stress of that. And guess what? She did fine (maybe because I held my breath?) and although she utilizes more of a two thumb punch to not-so-delicately crack them, no shells fell into the batter.

I even let her do most of the frosting (and yes, it was canned chemical frosting because that's what the BBoy wanted, and yes, it was delicious).
I have no explanation for the goggles (that apparently still had the peel-off stickers over the eyes) but they were required frosting attire.

We picked Scott up from work a bit early (it was his first day back post surgery and turned out to be a really long day for him*) and then hit Olive Garden for an early bird supper (he is 49 you know).
My dad and Peggy came over later that evening for cake and presents, but I forgot to take any pictures (hangs head in shame). They gave him three new shirts and Annelise and I gave him a new PS video game (Tiger Woods golf) that he'd been eyeing for a while because even 49 year olds still like their video games.
All in all I think the Birthday Boy enjoyed his special day.

*After spending most of the weekend in one of our recliners with his neck nicely supported it was quite the shock to have to sit up-right in his work chair that offered no neck support at all. So Scott, the engineer formulated a plan for the next day. Thanks to Annelise's boogie board, a pillow and his travel neck ring thingie he was able to endure the rest of his work week much more comfortably.


  1. I'd like to see how the boogie board came into play in that scenario. To hold his back straight?

    Happy Birthday Scott! I'm right there with you! I'll be getting AARP rewards come January 15th. :)

  2. BriteBloud: Yep, you are right, he put the boogie board in his chair to add higher back/neck support. This week he feels better and didn't haul all that back to work.

  3. I love it that Annelise wore swim goggles to frost the cake!

  4. Glad Scott had a good birthday and a YUMMY cake! There is nothing better than chocolate icing right out of the can. Um, I'm hungry. :)


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