Sixteen Years

This past Friday was our 16th anniversary.

As in Scott and I have been married for sixteen years.


Sixteen years (and for some reason I keep wanting to type Sixteen Candles) falls somewhere between just this side of forever and just yesterday I was walking down the aisle with a large bow on my butt.

You would think when faced with the opportunity to celebrate our sweet sixteenth we would have made big plans.

Alas, we did not.

Our sweet sixteenth was going to have to fly by the seat of its pants, and we were a-okay with that (really).

We started things off with lunch, party of three.
I finally got my way and we tried Indian food for the first time. Annelise was even excited about it (?!?!) and bravely sampled several things. We heaped praise upon her head in the hopes she will continue to be adventurous in her food choices.
I neglected to take a photo of all three of us, however I did manage to take one of my plate. How do you spell priorities?

Everything was dee-lish, I can't wait to go again sometime.

Later that day, Annelise invited herself over to Pappo and Grandma's house for a sleepover (she's oh-so-subtle) so Scott and I were able to go out for supper at our favorite Mediterranean restaurant.


Didn't you know 16 is the multi-cultural anniversary? Look it up.

We had never been there on a Friday night before, so imagine our surprise when soon after ordering we noticed a woman walk up to their little stage wrapped in silk and heard the music (they had a man playing the keyboard) suddenly, um...change.

As it turns out Friday evenings offer, um...lively entertainment.

In the form if this:
Could someone please enlighten me on proper belly dance viewing etiquette?

Do you feign ignorance of the fact a scantily clad woman is dancing gyrating all around you? Do you glance up occasionally and offer smiles of appreciation? Do you grab handfuls of pita bread and sit back and enjoy the show? Do you tuck dollar bills into her sari (some people did that and I get it, but still thought "ewwww")?

We were unsure and fell somewhere between occasional glances to uncomfortable embarrassment.

But we won't forget our 16th anniversary anytime soon either.

We even stretched our celebrating into Saturday by catching a matinee of Super 8 (because let's face it, if we'd gone late Friday night I'd have fallen asleep). We both really enjoyed it, especially the storyline of the boys (and one girl) making their movie and being goofy, awkward preteen friends (think Goonies, Stand By Me) circa 1979. And I enjoyed it a bit more because Kyle Chandler (AKA Coach Eric Taylor, LOVE him) played the deputy sheriff. It's PG-13 so the kids kind of had potty mouths (why, seriously?) and there was plenty of humor/sweetness/action/special effects. We gave it four thumbs up.
We forgot to snap a photo on our actual special day (perhaps we were slightly distracted by the belly dancer tinkling her finger cymbals and balancing a sword on her head), so Annelise snapped this photo on Sunday.

And that was our fly by the seat of our pants, no plan sweet sixteenth anniversary stretched across a weekend.

Have you ever seen belly dancers, like while you eat?
Have you seen Super 8? Do you wanna?


  1. Happy Anniversary, congratulations on 16 years!

    I would have been oh so uncomfortable with the belly dancing going on and would have pondered the etiquette as well...so funny.

    I took myself to see Super 8 last week and liked it for the exact same reasons you did! I have such a thing for Kyle Chandler and I enjoyed the teen dynamic as well.

  2. Your description on what to do while watching belly dancing was hilarious, and I know I would be thinking the same thing, especially about the money in the sari!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. cute pic! and happy anniversary

  4. Happy Anniversary! 16 years is great! I think your weekend sounded fun and yummy. I don't know if I want to see Super 8 because I'm only vaguely aware of the story. I don't see many movie trailers it seems. Also, we are very CARS 2 centered in our house. ;)

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! I remember being at your bridal shower I was then pregnant with my now 15-year old Nathan. Time flies, doesn't it!

    Sounds like a memorable anniversary, and fun!

  6. Thanks y'all!

    Not having any plans actually worked out great--and yes, we did kind of revolve around food. Oh well.

    Brite Cloud: I remember you being there :)--I can't believe your Nathan is 15. Yep, time flies FAST.

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