What I Wore Wednesday {My Basic Summer Uniform}

Hello there What I Wore Wednesday-ites!

I've been MIA from WIWW for a while but thought I'd pop in to share two variations of my basic summer uniform. That is, if I actually shower and change out of my exercise clothes or if we're not going to the pool I'm usually tossing on a tank, shirt, denim shorts, bling-y flip flops and a bit of jewelry (it's HOT here in Texas, so not too many accessories).

Variation #1:
navy stripe tunic & denim shorts: downeast basics
pewter flips: yellow box
mustard mum necklace & ring: funky vintage lovely
And please pardon a partial picture of my heinie, but this pair of shorts has more, um, bling-ed out pockets and white stitching and I'm a bit unsure about my feelings of said bling on my bottom. I normally have pockets that are very plain or just a touch of stitching, but I know it's a look that's very "in" right now, but I'm still on the bling-y bottom fence I think.

Variation #2:
puffy peasant blouse & earrings: stein mart
(and ALL day I kept thinking about the Seinfeld puffy shirt episode)
brown tank: old navy
joe's jeans denim shorts: 6pm.com
brown blingy flip flops: yellow box
awkward pose that makes it look like I need to pee: my mistake
here's a closer peek at the earrings (sorry for the blur):
So there you have it, my WIWW friends, two variations on my basic summer attire. If anything ever happened to my three pairs of long denim shorts I would fall to pieces, I wear them constantly.

What's your basic summer uniform?
What do you think of bling-y pockets/white stitching?

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  1. you are so funny and cute. :)

  2. I love your uniform!

  3. Love your style! You are too cute!

    Stopping by from WIWW.



  4. Cute outfits!! I want to borrow your jewelry! :)

  5. I wear the same uniform. Jean shorts with a short sleeve blouse or tank, and if it's a tank, I throw on a light weight shrug if/when I leave the house. And I'm always in sandals. I live in Fort Worth, and totally understand dressing for the heat!

  6. That is great summer attire! I love that striped top paired with the yellow necklace and ring, very cute!!

    I linked over via the pleated poppy =)

  7. Your uniform is far more fashionable than mine. I haven't worn shorts (except board shorts to the pool) since 1993! Capri pants are about as leg-revealing as I get.

  8. I like the blingy pockets. I need some shorts or jeans with them, because my rear could use some enhancement. There's not much there is what I'm trying to say. I love the jewelry in both outfits. I wear tanks, skirts and flip-flops most of the time.

  9. I say keep the blinged bottom shorts - I love them! Great outfits you cute lady you :)

  10. you always look great. the shorts are great. I need to find me some like those


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