Don't Rain on My (Pool) Parade

Here in Texas a summer day at the pool can change in the blink of an eye from this,
to this.
A sudden downpour put a damper on our pool splashing fun and forced us to take cover under my dad's back carport.

Someone was highly perturbed. And heartbroken at the same time.But she managed to put on a happy face, briefly.
Since I bribed her with a soda. Don't ever underestimate the power of an ice cold Grapette.
Even if it's short lived.
Wait, what's that? Is that a glimmer of a smile?
Was that thunder?
Better take another swig.
The next hour or so was spent climbing on all sorts of tools, a brief basketball game, spying on the dogs next door, bemoaning the rain, conducting wheelbarrow races,
frequent rain checks,
and calling daddy at work to give him updates on the rain and to explain the serious cramp it was putting in her summer style.
Finally the rumblings stopped, the dark skies brightened and the downpour shifted to a light sprinkle.

Which was pretty much an all-clear for more of this:
And all was right again in her world.


  1. oh my......that face is not a "baby face" anymore....our girls are growing up FAST!

  2. Amy: I know! Where did her *little girl* look go? How do we slow this down???

  3. So jealous of the rain, even though y'all need it as much or more than we do. I looked at the 10 day forecast today. Big mistake. 105 and 106 this weekend! That is too hot to even swim!

  4. Nicole: You're right, we sure needed the rain (and I'm sure y'all do too up there). Our yard is finally beginning to look more yard-y and less brown hay-y.


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