I'm a Yankee Doodle...Trifle

I wish I had pictures of fireworks or a parade or even a few flags waving proudly in the sky to document our 4th.

But I don't.

However, I can show you this:
My attempt to be patriotic through food.

Did it work?

We went over to my dad and Peggy's house for the afternoon yesterday and I brought along The Big Salad and the trifle (maybe I should name it the Yankee Doodle Trifle). At first I pondered making a layered jello thingie, you know, like red, white and blue, but trying to decide how to make the white layer (plain gelatin with milk? sour cream? cool whip?) started to stress me out and I realized I don't even like jello, so I scrapped that whole idea and fell back on a tried & true trifle.

We've always been able to watch two or three different firework shows from the convenience of our neighborhood (and by neighborhood I mean dead end street), which, by the way, YAY, but this year was even better thanks (oddly enough) to all the clearing out of scrub trees that's been done to prepare for a new development over the last year-ish. From my dad's front yard we watched two different sparkly shows, glimpse two or three more in the distance and then see one more from his side yard.

Now if we'd only remembered the OFF.

*How was your 4th?*
*Do you like jello?*
*Did you know jello salads with various food suspended within freak me out?*
*Ever make layered jello?*


  1. The trifle looks so festive and beautiful! I think that was a much better choice than a jello creation...I have texture issues with jello.

    We had a good 4th, though our weather ended up being gray and rainy for the most part.

  2. That was about the extent of our patriotism as well. We had stuffed bellpeppers for dinner and then I made homemade vanilla ice cream for the kids and topped it with strawberries and blueberries for some red, white, and blue.

  3. Our 4th was spent at home doing a whole lot of nothing. We spent Sunday with family so that everyone could relax and go to bed at a decent time if they wanted on Monday. We saw no fireworks b/c most of our kids hate loud sounds. Which is strange, since they make loud sounds all the time.

    I think jello is mostly weird. I only eat it when in the hospital recovering from a c-section. Things suspended in jello is just gross.

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