Insta-Friday {Vol. 7}

Hey there y'all!

I was a bit of an iPhone photo flunkie this week so today's edition of Insta-Friday will be short and sweet*.

After being derailed by a nasty stomach virus for two days, with the main goal of moving as little as possible and, you know, not dying, I returned to the land of the vertical Wednesday. I attempted to appease some of my mom guilt (Annelise had pretty much fended for herself most of Monday and spent Tuesday at her grandparents house) by having a Game-A-Thon Wednesday afternoon with Annelise. We played Pentago, Banana Grams, and then move on to Sorry.

We hit a bit of a stumbling block when we realized the only directions included in the box were in Spanish.

Yo hable espanol un pequeno. Ole.
However thanks to the wonder of the internets we were able to proceed.

Muy bueno.

I can never play Sorry without thinking of Eunice from the Mama's Family skits on The Carol Burnet Show and being sorely tempted to wave my pawn in my opponent's face while drawl-yelling  SOooo-rrRR-YYYY across 42 syllables. Don't worry, I restrained myself.

Do y'all remember that skit?
After 10 years (or is it 11?) our trusty washing machine gave up the ghost.

For the past two evenings Scott and I have been shopping for a new one and trying to make heads or tails of front loading machines vs. energy efficient top loading vs. old school washers.

All while our dirty laundry accumulates.

I think we're just this side of close to making our decision.
Since Annelise is now a shoe-tying superstar I had to snap a photo of her in action. She's even been known to untie her shoes on purpose just to show off her mad new tying skills, which is funny, but I bet that novelty wears off soon.

So, why did Scott get up waayyy before the crack of early yesterday morning?
To go watch the final landing of the space shuttle Atlantis on the Jumbo Tron screen (Buddy Garrity would be proud) set up in front of Building 1 at NASA/JSC along with a few thousand other space shuttle employees and their families.

I watched it much later, with coffee, thanks to the miracle known as DVR.

It was bittersweet. Sigh.

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life rearranged
Happy weekending my friends!

*Hmm...maybe this post wasn't so short and sweet after all. Lo siento.


  1. Ole! I got a kick out of that :)

    I'm proud to say that I got your FNL reference. Thanks to you, I'm watching ridiculous numbers of episodes late at night and the Jumbo Tron episode (at least the first mention of it) was the one I watched most recently. I'm slightly obsessed now.

  2. Oh dear, a 2 day stomach virus sounds very grim, but I'm guessing your clothes are a little loser now...that's the one perk of those episodes eh?

    You're a champ to play so many board games, I find that torturous.

    Ahh Buddy! I still haven't seen the last 4 of episodes of FNL, can you believe it?

  3. Smile that you are feeling better, two days of a virus is torture.

    I am about ready to embark on the shoe tying lessons with my little guy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

  4. Ah, I keep thinking of you guys as all this shuttle stuff winds down. I'm hoping the future isn't scary and good things are in store.

  5. I'm with Jill, board hames are torturous! I love your new blog look.

  6. Oh the stomach bug is the WORST!! Glad that you're feeling better. My washer just died too after 13yrs, which in washer life is amazing!haha..We decided on a HE top loader, I've heard so many if-fy things about the front loader that I wasn't sure it was worth all the extra $$
    Good luck! :)


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