InstaFriday {Vol. 5}

Hey y'all!

(And when you read that imagine me standing in front of you waving like crazy with a big ol' goofy grin on my face, maybe ready to give you a hug or hand you a mug of coffee because that's how I meant it when I typed it.)

Are y'all ready for another edition of InstaFriday? Okay good, let's take a peek at some of my random cell phone pics from the week, shall we?

I was rather surprised to find this photo of Sadie, our dog, when I opened up my photo album.
Looks like Annelise has been playing with my phone and she discovered the Quad Camera app.

We only have one dog.

Which is plenty.
I ran four miles earlier this week.

And then I seem to have stopped.

My alarm has been going off at 5:30 each morning, but I've been ignoring it and going back to sleep instead of hitting the street.

We have managed to hit the pool though (priorities, you know).

Every time Annelise squirted me (surprise!) with her mega-squirt thingie I silently kicked myself for picking it up in the $ Spot at TarJay.

But she l.o.v.e.s it.

I love lounging and reading poolside, soaking up some rays (yes, with sunscreen) and dunking in the water occasionally to cool off.
Annelsie and I had a mama-daughter date yesterday!
We saw a matinee of Monte Carlo (four girlie thumbs up) followed by a late Tex-Mex lunch at Chuy's (another four girlie thumbs up).

Fun mirrors freak me out.It's truly pitiful (shameful?) how quickly rice krispie treats disappear around here.

And there are only three of us.

And that was a 9X13 dish.
And finally...

(Wait, is anyone still reading this?)

I snapped a quick pic to document our daily (mostly) summer bible reading project. This year we're reading the writings of Paul (so, we're basically reading most of the New Testament) and we just finished 1 Corinthians last night. The schedule calls for about two chapters a day and the kids get prizes as they complete certain levels throughout the summer. This is something we've done for several summers now and it's been such a blessing to our family!

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life rearranged

Happy, happy weekend y'all!


  1. Great post! I'm stoked that you encourage your kids to do the summer Bible reading... it's fabulous! I am a children's director of a small church plant and I'm looking into something like this for our older kids. Any recommendations?

  2. Holly! We had our girl date today to see Monte Carlo! But I am rather jealous, we did NOT have Chuy's.....:(
    BUT we did go to a huge TJ Maxx homestore! :)
    Have you ever mixed in a cup of creamy peanut butter when you make rice krispies? mmmmmm.......

  3. Looks like a great week to me! Congrats on running 4 miles! That's outstanding. I have a hard time waiting up so early to workout too, but with the Texas heat it really is the only way. How old is your daughter? I'd love to take my girl for a mommy & me day, but worry Monte Carlo might be a bit over her head. Maybe the Penguin movie instead --- she's 4. She does love CHUY's though :) and so do I. We're in San Antonio, how bout you? Stopping by from Insta Friday

  4. Since I am new to the blogging world, I was curious about the multi-pic for the Mommy/Daughter date...If that is something from Instagram app only...I am totally clueless...Obviously...lol

  5. Stacy: We're in the Houston area. My daughter is almost 8 and is infatuated with Selena Gomez so she was over the moon excited about seeing Monte Carlo. It was pretty cute and tweeny-bopper. Your sweet little one might like Cars 2 or the Penguin movie better though :)

    Unknown: For the multi-pic I used an iPhone app called Diptic. You can also make collages in Picnik which is a free photo editing site (picnik.com).

    Amy: a TJ Maxx date sounds FUN!


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