Our Summer List {Better Late Than Never}

It seems we have approximately four weeks of summer left.

Did y'all just feel the ooomph in your gut too?


Waaaaay back at the beginning of summer I saw Meg's summer to-do list and after I picked my jaw up off the floor over the sheer awesomeness of her family's tradition, I thought my people and I should make one too.

And then, of course, I did nothing further about it.

That is until this weekend, with only four weeks of summer bliss remaining.

Because I am nothing if not timely.

Okay, maybe that's a stretch.

I didn't have a cute chalkboard wall but I managed to scrounge up some markers and paper and told my people to hit me with their last ditch summer wanna-dos. I also decided to add in some activities we've already done (and things that repeat) because I'd hate for y'all to think we've been totally lame and boring all summer.

And after putting our collective heads together and scribbling for a few minutes* this is what we came up with (cue drumroll please):
Someone in the 7 3/4 age bracket looks highly excited dontcha think?

Here's a closer look of our list taped to a closet door (because we're fancy like that):
We tried to come up with a mix of activities ranging from cheap (or even free) to those that cost a little more money, activities where there is a strong likelihood we'll actually attempt to do them and plenty of activities that are air conditioned (that's a deal breaker folks).

So, how'd we do?

*I was going to let Annelise help me write the list, you know to spark excitement and ownership and all, but in the end I just could not relinquish the markers, my control freak tendencies took over. She didn't mind though since she already had her roller skates on and skated around the house as we brainstormed.

Did y'all make a summer list?
Anything we should try and squeeze in over the next four weeks?


  1. (shh- I have marker control issues too)
    HOoray for the summer list!!

    I made mine on my iphone... maybe that's why we have done ALMOST NOTHING on the list!??
    Only 4 weeks here too & I can't believe it- the time just flew by darn-it all.
    This is such a great idea- for family night tonight we are going to do this! thanks Holly

  2. If you want two 4 year olds to join you at the Children's Museum, we've got a pass... :)

  3. I am envious of your neat handwriting. I have awful handwriting.

    Your list sounds fun!

  4. For some reason it felt highly satisfying to watch Annelise check snow cones off the list yesterday--and she walks by it often to remind me of what we said we'd do. Oops. (Kidding.) (Sort of.)

    Nicole: Thanks! it's easier to write with markers--and more fun. :)

    Kim: That would be great!

    Patsy: Can't wait to hear about y'alls!


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