Running: A Mini-Progress Report. Of Sorts.

I got up this morning and went for a run.

And based on the pattern of the last several days this is huge.

I almost talked myself out of it since it would mean taking Annelise to VBS in a post run hot mess state but I decided not to listen to me. Who really cares if I'm a hot mess anyway? (Although I did freshen up a bit and blow dried my sweaty hair so as not to be too scary.

But because I love y'all, just for kicks, here I am in my full hot mess state:
I like this green top but it annoys me when I first start out as it rides up and threatens to expose my muffin top, so I'm constantly tugging it down (y'all are so welcome), yet it eventually calms down and stays put once it's all nice and sweaty.

I wish I was a lean gazelle of a runner, but alas, I am not.

Who ate ice cream yesterday? And went to IHOP for supper? Was it me?

In years past I've had to run up and down our street and side street to build up miles, and honestly going back and forth is boring. Thanks to the new-ish development (which is still under construction) near us I've been able to branch out and can in get 3-4 miles without going back and forth, which is quite refreshing.

I usually put a bottle of water in our mailbox which always worked in the past since I was running by it regularly. Now though, since it's hot even at 6:00 am, I think I'm going to have to start wearing my fuel belt again since I'm hardly ever going by our mailbox. It seems kind of silly to me to wear it on a shorter run (3-5 miles) but I think I'm getting a bit dehydrated because I'm really draaaaagging at the end. I guess it's better to look like a goober than to be dehydrated.

My goals this week are: 1.) to run at least four days; 2.) try to break my self-imposed glass ceiling of four miles, go for five or six once 3.) get back on track with my P90X workouts --I only did one last week, pretty sure that hardly counts; 4.) don't skip YogaX and 5.) eat cleaner. Again. But after tonight (more on that soon).

Do y'all go out in public in a hot mess state sometimes?
How do you handle hydration on your outdoor runs?


  1. i purposefully don't run by my house during my runs (too easy to turn into the driveway and STOP), but i have thought of planting water bottles on my way OUT, so that they will be available on my way BACK. then i overthink it and assume that someone will pick them up or think i'm littering... i carried a water bottle with me yesterday, and that, well, pretty much sucked. i may need to invest in a fuel belt, because even at four and five miles right now, in this heat, i am DYING!!

  2. Way to brave the heat and log the miles!

  3. Great job Holly - I can imagine that it must be excrutiatingly hot out - you are amazing for putting your feet forward in the hot weather! Keep going :)

  4. GO HOLLY!
    Impressive- especially considering the heat of Texas!

    YEs- now & then I go into public a hot mess. But those are usually Hot Flashes...
    When I see people in their running gear & all sweaty I'm secretly jealous of their ambition & drive!- so you go ahead & go out in public. You may be inspiring someonw, you just never know :)

  5. I have been reading your blog for a very .... and I mean VERY long time. I love all your great stories. But today I had to let you know that I was a total hot mess when I dropped my daughter off at camp. I had hoped to leave her at the door but alas she was too scared to go in by herself on day one. Lucky me!!!
    And btw - way to go on your running. You are inspiring me :)

  6. I regularly go to the library after Zumba. Not as hot and sweaty as I would be after an outdoor run, but not pretty either. We are just more likely to get to the library if we are already out of the house. And I haven't done more than 30 minutes outside running in a long time and so I just drink water when I am done.

  7. I run around the church parking lot and put the water bottle on the big street light. There's a bit of a lip.

    I'm proud of you! It's amazing how easy it is to slip out of habits. I didn't work out for about two weeks. Was on my period, was at my mom's, was camping, bla bla. The excuses. This morning I ran and felt great. I don't DARE weigh myself though. ACK! I'm sure it's scary.

  8. I keep telling myself that I am going to get up early and go for a morning run but hitting the snooze is so much more appealing...But going for a run in the evening here in the Vegas summer heat has even less of a chance of happening...So I just need to suck it up and do it!!! Kudos to you Holly!!! Rock on girlie :)

  9. I left the wrong url for me....I'm such a loser...lol

  10. Thanks for the encouragement y'all! I'm trying to get back into a regular running routine--no excuses--and it's tough--but I know it's good for me and I'm happier when I run--once I'm done!

    I think I'm definitely wearing my fuel belt from now on. I've never tried the hand held water bottle things (they have a hand grip/strap)--I think it might be too annoying.

    I don't always mind going out as a hot mess if I'm just running to the store or something, but yesterday I saw a bunch of mom's at VBS. Sweet.

    Stacy: I hit the snooze a lot too!

  11. you know me, I have no shame...I do go out looking a mess, but usually only if I think I am not getting out of car! took daughter to driver's ed yesterday immediately after getting off bike/short run and her having her permit means switching to driver's seat when dropping her off. thankfully she is not one to say anything about embarrassing her since I'm so sweaty!

    I have started wearing a fuel belt too for runs that are about an hour. it's just too hot. I have done it where I plant water bottles along a path. it works but I don't like having to plant them and then during the run carry them along to a trash bin or go back to get them after.


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