Whirlwind of Wonderful

What do you do when precious friends come back into town for a short visit?

Why, you spend every possible minute together soaking up and wringing out every drop of summertime fun (and that goes for the kidlets and the grown-ups), of course.

What do you call an afternoon of backyard water slide fun,
with your bestest buddies...
along with an adorable four legged friend,
and mix in plenty of swinging and chasing and running and cartwheeling and giggling and ping ponging and don't forget...working on your tan and...
eating, and eating and then maybe eating a little bit more and you have the makings of THE BEST DAY EVER (in the words of Annelise).
While the kidlets played, the moms chatted and the dads (except we were missing one dad who was working, boo!) played it cool in the shade. See?
After gorging ourselves on salad, pizza and sweet treats the kidlets got their second wind, the mamas tried to chat over coffee and the daddies got their game faces on for a washer toss championship. As evening shifted to night and then marched right on into late night, the kids tried to settle down with a movie (um, not so much) while the daddies changed their game faces for a major ping pong throw down and the mamas continued drinking coffee and chatting into the almost wee hours of the next day.The mamas eventually caved and took the wrung out kidlets home while the daddies kept the ping pong tourney going until, oh, I don't know, was it 3:00 A to the M? Why yes, yes it was.

The next evening called for BBQ followed by church followed by the daddies taking the kidlets home leaving the mamas free to sip coffee and chat until, oh, I don't know, was it 3:00 A to the M? Why yes, yes it was.

We wrapped things up the next morning (well, pre-afternoon for some of us, okay, maybe I mean me) at the park where there was much playing and much sweating. We managed to cajole the kidlets (ranging in age from 2 to 14) (!!) (And one sweet almost 2 month old, not pictured) (!!!) for one last photo...
before retreating to the air conditioned wonderland otherwise known as McDonald's for lunch so the kidlets (well, the teenager not so much) could play for oh, I don't know, almost three more hours while the mamas sipped sodas and sweet tea and chatted and laughed the afternoon away.

What a wonderful whirlwind it's been. I can't wait until next time!


  1. This looks like a mighty fun weekend! Is that your backyard? The fireplace and furniture look so cozy. If it wasn't so stinking hot out there I'd want to read there all the time.

  2. I agree with Annelise! That was the best week ever...had a blast! I will forever remember all of us stuffed into my place until 3AM. haha!

  3. That sounds like the perfect weekend!

  4. Jill: No, it wasn't our yard but our friend's, you're right though, I'd want to spend all my time curled up on their back porch with a book!

    Heather: That was the BEST night! :)


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