With a Slurp and a Smile

Earache (of epic proportions to hear her tell of it).
Missed tennis camp.
Doctor appointment.
1.5 hours later: swimmer's ear diagnosis.
HEB trip for groceries.
Leftover lunch. Late.

Then, and then...snow cones.


Half price during happy hour.


Grape for her, pink lemonade for me.

Hers came with a gumball on top.


Wednesday was suddenly looking up.
(that last one is her don't-you-dare-take-one-more-picture-mom stink eye)

(which she has down pat)

She declared we should do this every. single. day. until summer is over.

I declared once a week would be plenty.

She countered with twice a week.

I just smiled and slurped a spoonful of my snow cone.

It's tough negotiating with a 7 3/4 year old.

What flavors should we try next?
Sweet Shot Day


  1. I like Polar Punch at that spot, but the boys both love Tiger's Blood! :)

  2. I love that A's shirt matches her snocone....which surely matched her tongue! :)

    I have had bubblegum, blood orange, cantalope....yum. Good old cherry is nice too!

    I have decided that Suri Cruise looks like Annelise. (not the other way around, mind you...... ;)

  3. They have a ton of flavors to try there--some sound iffy though.

    Annelise really wants to try tiger's blood. I'm not sure what I'll get next--I like sweet with a dash of sour (like me--hahaha).

  4. Now I want a snowcone. Watermelon is my favorite flavor.

  5. Here's my favorite: Wedding Cake with Cream. Is this the one in Friendswood across from Novel Approach? Theirs are the best!

  6. BriteCloud: We went to one on Main St. in LC. I'll have to check out your favorite place in Friendswood sometime--sounds yum!


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