Bag Lady {or guess what's hiding in my purse}

Remember me telling y'all about finding a few surprises in my purse the other day?

What? You don't?

I'm devastated to find out my ramblings are not the center of your orbit.


Based on those surprises I decided I should go ahead and clean out my purse sooner rather than later and, since I'm such a good sport, and since I'm sure y'all have been anxiously waiting on the edge of your seats to find out what I've been hauling around, I thought I'd document my odds and ends for you.

Hi, I'm Holly and I like run-on sentences.

Here's an overview:
Let's take a closer look at one section:
1. My wallet (see the black thing with the hot pink H?).

2. Leftover coupons for rollerskating (more on that soon).

3. A pocket calendar (made by my awesome friend Kim).

4. Small Vera Bradley make-up bag.

5. Two containers of Altoids and two packages of gum because one package at a time is obviously inadequate. You'll be glad to know I consolidated the Altoids.

6. Small memo book (also made by my awesome friend Kim) that needs repair (glue) because the water bottle that I always carry spilled one day. Oops.

Moving right along to another section:
7. A random junky kids' meal toy, long forgotten.

8. Pony tail holder.

9. Assorted gum wrappers, receipt and small stick.

10. Kleenex.

11. My kabuki brush (recently found, YAY!)

12. Two lip balms, Burt's Bees and EOS. Love them both, especially the fun shape of the EOS (the pinkish round one).

13. Three small hand lotions, one is fragranced (Pure Grace) and two are plain (one was a hotel freebie, what? y'all are supposed to take them).

14. Small spritzer of perfume (Pure Grace).

15. One lip gloss (Buxom, Clair).

16. One small Sharpie, hot pink.

17. Three black pens (I used to be a Pilot Precise girl, now I'm head over heels for the Sharpie pen).

18. $ 1.11 in assorted coins that fell out of my wallet looooong ago.

19. One small bottle of powder. 

20. Two bottles of hand sanitizer gel.

Why do I always safer with two of everything? Noah obsession much?

And finally, here's a look inside my make-up bag:
21. Another Buxom lip gloss (they make your lips all tingly and supposedly fuller), this one is called Sandy (which always makes me sing Oh Sandy, Baby from Grease in my head when I put it on).

22. A Buxom lipstick called Marrakech.

23. Pepto Bismol tablets.

24. Two small perfume spritzers (Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel).

25. One lone Band-Aid.

26. Bare Escentuals mineral veil compact thingie.

27. Two (really, are you surprised by this?) lip liners (MAC spice, Mary Kay neutral).

28. MAC lipstick in Blankety (a perfect pink-y nude).

29. Contact rewetting drops.

29. L'oreal lipstick in Mica.

And let's not forget my new aviator shades (an ode to Tami Taylor, though in silver instead of gold):
Not pictured but always carried with me, my iPhone, a bottle of water and sometimes a book or my big dog camera.

Carrying a larger bag has it's perks and pits, but I don't think I'll ever be one of those minimalist, teensie-tiny purse owners because that would put a crimp in my if one is good, two are better motto.

P.S. Here's what I was carrying around way back in 2007 in case you're interested and have a few more minutes to kill. Oh c'mon, it'll be fun.

How about you, do you carry a purse? Big or small? 
What's usually hiding in your bag?
(If you wanna play along and do a post like this please let me know so I can check it out, I'm nothing if not curious, er...nosy.)


  1. This was a fun tour. I think you're more girly than I am. The only make-up I have in my bag is one clear lip gloss, hmm.

    Oh that Tammy Taylor, she makes those glasses look good. I don't think I could get away with that look. I think it's a Texas thing, so I'm sure you can!

  2. Love it! Love the bag color! I am a huge fan of buxom lip glosses..dolly is my fav. I swear I must keep at least 4 lipsticks/glosses in my purse! A fun post!

  3. I carry a pretty big bag. I prefer a smallish one, but I also don't want to carry a diaper bag and a purse. I refuse to carry just a diaper bag because I'm cuter than that. ;) So I carry a big purse that can hold a couple of sippy cups, diapers, wipes and then my junk. You can always find crumbs, random toys, pens/crayons/markers, wallet, lipstick, sunglasses and a small notebook in my purse. When I am out sans kids I carry a small purse.

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