InstaFriday {Vol. 10}

Hey there y'all!

Another week, another edition of InstaFriday where I share random moments of our week captured by my iPhone.

I know y'all are dyin' to see, so let's get started...
Nothing says bed time like spontaneous light saber battles. 

Kind of love that.
Yes, that is my 7 year old daughter vacuuming while I sit and drink a cup of coffee.

Why do you ask?

(Annelise wants to earn money for a Hermione Granger costume for Halloween.)
We girded our loins and shored up our courage to venture into Academy for back-to-school shoes.

And someone had to try on the football equipment and carefully inspect the Nerf & BB gun aisle.
But we managed to find a pair of sneakers without any bloodshed, so that's good.

(And she likes them!)

We then retreated for a late lunch at our favorite Tex-Mex place.

(We shared the fajita plate.)

While out and about, and feeling extra drippy and wilted from the heat, I could not resist the siren call of a Starbucks iced coffee.

Slap your mama, it was good.

 Smuggled movie snacks (apple & cheese & water for me; capri sun & baggie of pretzels, m&ms, goldfish & animal crackers for her) in my big purse.

(Y'all do that too, right?)
And even though the sign says Dollar Cinema, it should say $1.50 Cinema.

The price went up years ago and they've never changed the sign.

Which bugs me.

We saw Judy Moody and the NOT Bummer Summer which we both declared darling and delightful.

Annelise and I were the only two people in our theater, which was a little creepy yet enjoyable at the same time.
It took four takes to get a self-portrait without eyes being closed, crossed or crazy.

Hers, not mine, of course.
We popped into the new Goodwill store near us on our way home and later walked out with two baggies of Star Wars toys and a .50 Judy Moody book, which seemed like fate.

While browsing the aisles at Goodwill we found a book and felt it our duty to text a photo to Scott.
It was called How to Find a Job in Houston.

But I texted him back and said I couldn't buy it because he was almost unemployed.

It's really good that Scott *gets* my sense of humor.

And there you have it, my friends.

A few snippets from my week.

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life rearranged

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy InstaFriday!!

    A)is your vaccuum a purple Dyson Animal? I have one and with 4 kiddo's (one in the 'Puffs' stage) it sure does get a work out!

    B)PLEASE tell me how to get a cool background on your iPhone text messaging. I've never seen that!!

    Come on over and visit!


  2. my son could not find his old star wars toys to give to his cousins. I was thinking in a Toy Story-esque way they just may have ended up at Goodwill.....I am going to console myself w/ the thought that just maybe these are the ones ya'll bought!! :)

  3. haha i thought your daughter was in a huge coffee cup! i need MY coffee already! cute pictures!

  4. My kids vacuum the living room and kitchen every day now. My floor has never been cleaner. We do of course pay them. Looks like a mostly fun week.

  5. Visiting from Life Rearranged......LOVE the shot of you holding your coffee mug while you're daughter vacuumed. That was awesome! Totally jealous of your Starbuck's mug by the way....

  6. She cracks me up! What a cutie pie. We went to the movies this week too ... it was not the $1 kind ... last time I do that. $34 to see an hour long Winnie the Pooh!!! Not to mention what we spent on snacks. I have a lot to learn from you :) Next time, I'll be packing your way. Love the pics of you guys, so cute


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