InstaFriday {Vol.11}

Hey there y'all.

Ready for a glimpse of some random snippets from my week as captured by my iPhone?


Last Friday was Scott's last day at work. In case you're just tuning in around here, now that the space shuttle program has ended hundreds (thousands?) of NASA contractor engineer types have been--or will be--laid off, let go, handed their walking papers, told to hit the road...I think you get the idea. After signing oodles of last minute documents and grabbing one or two straggly boxes of Very Important Keepsakes and Papers from his cubicle, Scott was officially unemployed.

Did he immediately head for the local unemployment office (now I am suddenly thinking of George Costanza) or polish up his resume?

Um...not so much.
We went to the early bird matinee (only $5.00 each!!) to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which was perfectly wonderful and made me want to read all the books again and watch all the movies in some sort of literary/movie freak marathon (I guess Scott could watch 'em with me since he's unemployed now).

Then we went to lunch.

And then?

We ran by the $ store to get candy and went back to the movies to see The Help.

Clearly we're in denial about possible effects of long term unemployment on our family.

But, seriously, you must go see The Help if you haven't.

Laughter. Uncomfortable truths. Anger. Tears.

Sooooo good.
Later that night we went to a favorite local burger joint/dive (Annelise was at her Pappo & Grandma's house).

And yes, those are Fritos on my burger.

I always get the Frito-Bean-Dito which not only has Fritos and refried beans, but salsa and cheese too.

Because, really, why not put all of that on a hamburger?
Tuesday night's big event was Meet the Teacher.

As it should be.

Annelise was tickled to pieces to meet Mrs. H., see her friends and check out her new digs desk.

As she should be.


After walking her in, watching her get settled and taking gobs of pictures, Scott and I retired to La Madeleine for a back to school boo hoo breakfast.

Okay, there wasn't a boo or a hoo, but it was delicious just the same.
Is there a better way to celebrate an awesome first day of second grade than with a trip to Marble Slab?

I think not.

(Can you see Scott's Chucks? He's been breaking them in--and I like them, really--but I can't help but think of Mr. Rogers just a little.)
Chocolate with M&Ms for Annelise, vanilla with Heath in a Heath dipped cone for Scott and coffee with Heath in a Heath dipped cone for me.

And finally, please don't call CPS or anything, but look at our little thrill junkie daughter:
She begs, mercilessly, to stand on the running board and hold on to the door handles while we drive down the driveway.

It freaks me out.

But sometimes I say yes.

So to recap:

*Movies are always a nice escape from reality.

*Annelise is a second grader now.

*And a daredevil.

*Food. We like it.

Hope y'all had a great week!

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  1. My husband was unemployed last year and in some ways it was such a blessing. We had a baby so he was there to help for all that. We had tragedy in the family so I was able to help tend to to that while he tended to our baby. And we had a lot of time together! This year at his new company he was able to get the day off for the first day of school(which is also my bday)so we can do our usual chat with other parents and go to breakfast thing!

    I think icecream after school on the first day should be a new tradition!

  2. What a great week, despite your husband's layoff. I can't wrap my head around the whole NASA thing..amazes me.
    The ice cream looks DELISH!! :)

  3. Oh, I'm praying for you guys. Keep up posted. Way to enjoy the first week! I can't wait to see the Help. LOVED that book!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I'm sorry Scott's job has ended, but hopefully something great will come along to start this new chapter of life.

    It's fun that you two are seizing his free time and having fun with double features and meals out! Woohoo!

  6. So jealous of two movies in one day! What a treat! I was supposed to see the Help on vacation but it didn't work out. I will see it eventually. Seems like a pretty good week, excepting the unemployment bit.


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