InstaFriday {Vol.12}

Hello there InstaFriday-ites!

(No, it's not a cult, just a weekly linky party for cell phone photos)

Let's take a peek at some random happenings this week as captured by my iPhone. And I promise this edition will be short and sweet because guess who didn't take many photos this week? Was it me?

This is my new position in the car for school drop-off and pick-up:


Is what it is.

Since Scott is now officially unemployed we are both taking Annelise to school and picking her up.

Which she thinks is rather cool.

And it is.

But weird too because that has always been my thing.

I'm trying to adjust to a new normal.

Try. ing.

And it's kind of funny to watch Scott deal with the insanity known as the school parking lot.
With the first full week of school Annelise had her first week of homework.

My homework was to bake cookies.

(I think I like my homework better.)

This week we finally got our car washed.

And then, of course, it RAINED.
But we have been desperate for rain around these here parts of shriveled up Texas so I wasn't too upset about the car.

Someone is making an effort to be a sharp dressed man (cuz every girl's crazy for a...).
2 new suits.

A few snazzy new shirts and (power?) ties.

To hopefully stand out from the crowd.

Make a good first impression.

And get a job.

Fingers crossed.

And there you have a few snippets from my week, y'all.

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  1. Yuck on the no job but yeah for a sharp dressed man looking for one! I will say a prayer so maybe the new normal will revert back to the old normal. I always struggle with a change in my normal!

    Happy Friday!!


  2. If my husband was home I would make him do the carpool and I would stay in bed - HA! We need rain here in AZ too and my husband has a bright orange tie and I swear when he wears it he gets 472 compliments...every time. Go for an orange tie...it looks awesome with a blue suit.

  3. Hope your husband finds a job soon, but at least he wanted to take your daughter to school. Most men don't!

  4. Good luck to your hubby on the job hunt! And I like your homework too! :-)


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