So to state the obvious:

August is now upon us.

It's stinkin' HOT.

School days are just around the corner.


Chick-Fil-A is a little slice of heaven on earth.

And so is Target.

(I had purposefully not popped into the bullseye store for well over a month in an effort to curb casual spending, so today was a  bit overwhelming yet perfectly delightful.)

In other news:

I am completely smitten with my latest book, Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. I never knew reading about Ethiopia and surgery could be so enthralling, but it is. You can really sink your teeth into the story (not that I would of course since it's a loaner from the library, but still).

I am over the moon in puffy heart love with The Closer, namely Brenda Leigh Johnson expertly and quirkily played by Krya Sedgwick (who gets extra cool points for being married to Kevin Bacon just this side of forever, which in Hollywood is oh so rare). If I can't have Tami Taylor each week any more since she's busy up north being a dean of a made up TV college, at least I can have Brenda Leigh and her stash of sweets along with her crack team of detectives solving crimes in LA.

This evening Scott put on a dress shirt, tie and suit jacket over his casual work khakis and we went traipsing around our yard so I could take pictures of him for his LinkedIn (a business networking site) profile page. I'm sure the neighbors thought we'd gone around the bend.

And finally:

I've discovered a secret compartment in my well-worn but still trusty purse, thanks to a ripped pocket lining.
Along with a handful of bedraggled, full-on gross gum, sticky old candy and trash I found a few old favorites that had gone missing.
I was quite tickled to find not only two lip glosses and one lipstick (because a girl always needs options), but my bare minerals kabuki brush that I was sure was a goner and I'd replaced (to the painful tune of $30) seven months ago.

I really should clean my whole purse out.

Which might be a whole other post.

Oh the drama. Oh the suspense.

(Did you know that Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson carries a huge purse too? Kind of love her more.)

Are you in shock that it's August too?
Do you watch The Closer?
Ever find surprises in your purse? Like between the lining?


  1. I don't watch the Closer. I have several bags and while I haven't found any secret compartments in them I do find random things.

  2. Hahahha! Mom and Dad just got hooked on The CLoser... like obsessed kind of hooked. Marsha has the dvds... Lunch was a blast! And glad you found some long lost treasures! :)

  3. I love random posts..mostly because thats how my thoughts are! haha :) CUTE purse!! And I just found one of my MAC lustre gloss' that I haven't found in months!!
    Can't believe its August already too..my boys start school on the 10th!

  4. The Closer is so good! I did hear a rumor that it might be ending soon due to Kyra moving into a new phase of her life ~ sans kiddos at home. I can't believe you stayed away from Target for an entire month....wow! I should try that ~ I also have a problem with leaving with unnecessary items. I have never had a purse lining rip, but I would have been sad to have lost those items. I wanted to mention that my daughter has turned me onto ELF makeup and brushes. I HATE to pick off brush hairs from my face after using a makeup brush ~ even my bare minerals brushes don't seem to last that long and start shedding. The $1 brushes aren't too great, but the $3 brushes totally rock. If your Target doesn't carry this line you can order online. Who knew makeup didn't have to break the bank. PS I get a lot of bare minerals off of ebay ~ so much cheaper. That's all! lol


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