On My First Day of Second Grade {A Photo Montage}

Early bird wake-up call : Not so awesome.

Breakfast with my Lego ninja-go, new shoes, new messenger bag, new lunch bag (thanks to watching a commercial at my Pappo's house I am a proud new owner of a PackIt), Daddy AND Mama driving me to school (thanks to his recent lay-off), new classroom, nice teacher, new school supplies, seeing my friends and a word search waiting for me on my desk this morning : AWESOME.

Mama taking oodles of photos like some freaky stalker : tolerated. Moderately.

I think second grade will rock!


  1. Love it! That 7 a.m. alarm takes some getting used to (me too, Annelise!), but it looked like a fantastic start to the day!

  2. I love that girl and am so glad the day got off to a great start!!! Can't wait to hear more! :)

  3. Around here, getting up at 7:00 is seriously sleeping in! This is a great way to document her 1st day. I managed one full body shot and one close up of the new school shoes and that was it.


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