Reality Bites: Homework

So it was Day 3 of second grade and things had been moving along swimmingly.

Up until approximately 3:50ish and it was time to do homework.

After the gathering of a snack.

And the gathering of a pencil.

And an eraser.

Because hardly any of our pencils have any erasers left on top.

Oh, we needed some paper too.

She attempted to write her spelling words on a piece of flowered notepad paper since that was close at hand, but I felt that might send the wrong message to her teacher.

Like we're a family without proper note book paper (shhh).

I scrounged around a bit and found an unused spiral (what are the odds?) and set her to her task.

To write 22 spelling words two times each.

She quickly did the math and balked.

But bravely soldiered on. Eventually.

Second grade is for reals, y'all.

Note to self: Buy some loose leaf notebook paper and a pack of pencils ASAP.


  1. Perhaps a writing session in the morning and then one in the afternoon would help? I used to hate to practice writing and spelling too!

  2. Don't go to Target for paper....its out in all the surrounding counties. ha! Or so it seems. I guess thats what we get for waiting until the last minute.

  3. Jill: It did seem like a lot to write at once--luckily most of the words were only three letters. I think she'll get used to writing them 2x each--well, she kind of has to, I guess.

    Heather: You're right about Target, at least the one by the mall, they were pretty picked over. I did snag a couple of packs though-- those were the last two there, so sorry if that's where y'all went! ;)

    Last year she copied her spelling words on a worksheet so this is the first year using real paper. I wasn't prepared. Ha!

  4. I share your pain. wait until you get to 5th grade! Luci only has about 20 minutes of homework a night per subject.... but she has 8 subjects a day now!! Griffin, on the other hand, does all his homeowrk on the school bus so he has more free time when he gets off the bus at 4:20.


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