Saturday Confessions

So I was sitting here sipping my second cup of coffee and decided to blog. 

That could be a dangerous combination.

Sometimes I look at my blog posts and think, okay, this is some seriously random and insignificant drivel spattered occasionally with photos.

But this drivel is apparently my life.

And I certainly appreciate y'all stopping by from time to time and perusing my drivel. (!!)

Yesterday was rather monumental in the fact that we (and when I say we I guess I mean Scott) paid off our credit cards with some of his severance. Was that the best thing to do? Well, maybe. At least those balances aren't mocking us any more and we're not paying The Man ridunkulous interest. And that feels pretty good.

We've been talking about areas to cut back (casual spending and eating out to name a few biggies) and how to best navigate this new territory known as Unemployment.

Did I tell you we had this crazy dream of taking some of his severance and hightailing it over to Europe for a few weeks while he's unemployed?

Because that's responsible.

We're also talking about becoming Dave Ramsey-ites in search of financial peace. I know I have one of his books around here somewhere, I just have to find it.

So we're obviously off to a rip roaring start on that.

I do know that we must stop being slaves to instant gratification.

Which is a doozie.

I'm also trying to get inspired about meal planning, couponing and make ahead freezer cooking.

Doozies. Because I like them.

Earlier this week we had a parent-teacher meeting for all of second grade (two classes) and once again I  was appointed co-room mom by default because I don't work. And I guess I'm okay with that, I mean, I get it.

I hate the fact that I am 42 and still have (many, oh so many) moments of insecurity where I question any and everything. Or compare. Which is the kiss of death.

But back to insecurity. One mom, or maybe it was Mrs. H., asked me if  I drop off Annelise and I said yes and then another mom said," Oh, I walk Lovebug in every day!!" and I felt the need to back-pedal and explain that in reality I do both (drop and park and walk), it just depends on the day. I know, I know whether you drop off or park and walk in does not the better parent make, but I still felt that moment of, "Well, maybe I should walk her in every single day even if she doesn't mind one way or the other."

Welcome to my crazy.

Annelise was invited to a school friend's birthday party yesterday after school (which by the way is a neat time to schedule it because you still have Friday night and the whole weekend for whatever and it's kind of like one huge playdate). Scott wasn't sure if he'd go with me, I guess he was afraid of having to hang out with The Moms for 1.5 hours, but as it turned out there was a handful of dads there too so there was plenty of Man Talk. And cake.

The kids played a few games, one being The Mummy Wrap, which was a HOOT. Here's Annelise being in the process of being mummified:
And here she is near the end. HILARious, no?
They had loads of fun.

The birthday boy decided instead of gifts to ask for donations for Samaritan's Purse, which, hello, how awesome is that? We've broached the subject (ever so delicately) with Annelise, since her birthday is right around the corner, and believe it or not she was actually open to it.

Of course we assured her she would still get presents from family.

We brainstormed a bit and are considering asking for donations to either our local SPCA or animal shelter (there are two in our area).

Although I was kind of pushing for helping the humans.

We'll see.

Okay, I think I'm all randomed out and my coffee cup is empty.

Happy weekend, y'all!!

Have you followed Dave Ramsey's $$ plan?
Would you go to Europe or hunt for a job? Or both?
Any good sites for meal planning, couponing or freezer cooking?
Gifts or donations? Animals or humans?


  1. Oh, so sad to read of your husband's unemployment. My husband and I both worked for NASA contractors in the 90's on the Shuttle program. Unemployment is definitely a challenge, but manageable. My husband was unemployed 8 years ago for a year. We learned to budget (envelope/cash system), stopped eating out, started thrifting, visited local parks for daycations, etc. My only input would be to use cash for everything (no credit cards) and learn to love leftovers. During our desert times we saved enough for a trip to Disneyland and even had child #3. Quite the surprise without our normal income and not having kept any baby items. It's doable, but not always pleasant!! Here's a couple links that might help:
    I also read the Tightwad Gazette...good, but pretty hard core!
    Good luck to you and your family!!!!

  2. We are Dave Ramsey fans! We took FPU three years ago. We have paid off a significant amount of debt since then, although we still have some to go. You made the best decision paying off the credit cards--good for you! We can't wait to have our day to yell we are debt free on the phone with Dave. Travis was laid off in Nov. 2008 and did not return to full time employment for several months. We kind of knew it was coming and saved $$ for that time. Happily, we did not touch our credit cards during the layoff and actually still managed to make progress on our debt snowball. I would encourage you to actually go to the FPU classes, the group environment is really encouraging on the journey.

    We are trying to tighten things up again around here. Meal planning is a huge one, especially with all the sports madness going on. ;)


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