The Tooth Fairy Has Been Hit By the Recession Too

It must have been on her third, or possibly fourth, trip back downstairs the other night that Annelise gleefully announced that her tooth finally came out.

These last several days have been fraught with tooth-y drama, let me tell you.

After much wriggling, many foiled pulling attempts, a few frustrated groans along with a bit of blood her teenie-tiny lower tooth decided to evacuate the premises.

Leaving her with a gaping and somewhat snaggle-toothed smile.

Which is nothing if not adorable.

If you are 7 & 11/12s, that is.
So it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10:00 that she sat down, teenie-tiny tooth safely ensconced in a snack baggie, to write a heartfelt yet very specific note to the Tooth Fairy informing her (him?) that she had in fact lost her fourth tooth, she was really happy about this event and that she was going into second grade and was 7 & 11/12ths years old.

Just in case the Tooth Fairy was unsure.

She went on in her note, as I bit my tongue in an effort to hold off screeching at her firmly but sweetly telling her to hurry up and go back to bed, to ask the Tooth Fairy to wake her up when she (he?) came and that she promised not to tell anyone, or to at least write her a note back. There was also a P.S. where she boldly asked the Tooth Fairy for $10 (!!) because she's saving money for a wand for Halloween (she wants to dress up like Hermione Granger).

Imagine how she felt when she found this under her pillow:
Sure, she's smiling in the picture, but it took a while for her to work through her severe disappointment.

Have I told y'all she's an only child?

Being raised by an only child?


See, the Tooth Fairy may have set unrealistic expectations way back when she lost her first tooth and got $5.00, and then she lost her second tooth while at Pappo and Grandma's house and the Tooth Fairy found her over there and left $5.00 (are you sensing a pattern here?), then the Tooth Fairy must have fallen on hard times because the third tooth only raked in $3.00 and finally, I can't even remember what her latest drop out tooth (the top one) garnered earlier this summer.

But now I know this was her fifth tooth lost after all, so fist bump with a whoosh for blogging!

And I'll close now with one final photo that showcases one of Annelise's newly discovered tricks.
Lovely, no?

This too shall pass, right?


  1. Holly - you crack me up!!! Glad that tooth finally came out, I know it was driving you all a wee bit crazy! :)

  2. How funny that she left the note and actually requested that much money! I guess she's ambitious and resourceful.

    The tooth fairy only leaves one measly dollar at our house!

  3. Yes, clearly an only child! ;) Our tooth fairy pays 75 cents for the first tooth and 50 cents for each one after that. To try to help the tooth fairy remember to visit we put the tooth in a bag and tape it to the door. But the tooth fairy still forgets! She's very unreliable around here.

  4. our tooth fairly (he) was very cheap-first tooth $1 each one fifty cents after that. BUT...if he forgot, the price went up each night he forgot!! that helped. our daughter wrote a note to the tooth fairy once, I think it was when she swallowed a tooth so it was not there under the pillow....fun stuff!!!


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