12 on the 12th: September

1.) pot roast supper already simmering away
2.) my breakfast (steel-cut oats with strawberries and blueberries)
3.) yummy smells from my scentsy warmer (berry tart today)
4.) Scott went to a local engineering hiring event this morning
5.) then updated his unemployment benefits
6.) laundry
7.) started a new book (i likey)
8.) car pick up line
9.) our little pick-up-ee
10.) and her new friend
11.) quick self portrait to prove i exist
12.) after dinner dishes (fiesta makes me happy, even in the dishwasher)

a normal day
a fairly mundane day
a good day just the same

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how was your 12th?


  1. This looks like a good, normal day (those are blessings!)

    Fiesta dishes make me happy too!

  2. Love your "normal" day! Your posts always inspire me :)
    ~Molly P

  3. yay for crock pot dinners! And I LOVE your dishes! They are darling!

  4. i LOVE pot roast dinners. and while we're talking about food lets just talk about how amazing your breakfast looks. fresh fruit is the best! look how cute your dishes are! so many fun colors!

  5. Love your Scentsy warmer! :) The scent this month is pumpkin marshmallow :) I love Fiestaware too! Mine are boring though just white & cobalt..so wish I would've registered for all the colors 14yrs ago! haha

  6. I like this, Holly. What do you use to create the 12 picture layout? I would like to try it.

  7. BriteCloud: I use Picnik.com to make collages and do simple edits, it's really, really easy to do (Photoshop elements made me cry) and it's free or you can upgrade (not too much $$) to have more options.

    We have random colors of Fiesta so it's fun to mix and match when we grab it. The colors make me happy--I've even been known to rearrange them in the dishwasher or on the shelves to make the colors *pop* more.

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