Five for Friday

For whatever reason I only blogged once this week.

What in the world has happened to me?

Well, nothing. I guess I just wasn't feeling so ch-cha-chatty.

But now I'm back.

(do you hear the hallelujah chorus too?)



Here are a few randoms from this week:

01. Annelise took action this week and fired off a letter to the "Lego makers" about omitting several characters from their Harry Potter Lego people line-up.
For days she carried the print out of HP characters and bemoaned the injustice of there being no Fred and George Weasley, Sirius Black or Professor Lupin and finally decided to write a letter to Lego.

I kind of love that.
When we took our road trips last spring we listened to the first three HP books on CD and part of the fourth and she got all up in all things Harry Potter (to a degree). We've let her watch the first three movies but are holding off for a bit on the others. She read the first book on her own (!!) and declared that I was right (!!) that books are better than movies because there are more details.

My heart almost burst.

02. Scott went with a group from church earlier this week to help in Bastrop where the wildfires were raging a couple of weeks ago (they were also rampant in the Waller and Magnolia areas too, so scary).
Along with helping to organize donations they helped to clear some wreckage from the fires. So many families lost everything and scenes like the photo above are everywhere in that area. Terrible.

We're trying to be positive about this time of unemployment and look at things differently, so in that light, Scott was able to spend a day helping which he would have missed if he was at work. I know it might sound odd to say he had a good day working in such a difficult situation, but he really did. 

03. Speaking of unemployment, it's now been a little over a month since Scott was laid off. I guess we've found our unemployed groove, such that it is, though we definitely need to still make long term plans (budget/financial stuff). For now things are still pretty much the same except Scott has a whole lot more free time. Thanks to his severance and unemployment (hip hip hooray for government benefits!) we should be okay financially for a while. Of course we're trying to be more careful and intentional with our money and cut out most of our casual spending. Today, Scott is signing us up for short-term medical insurance which you can pay month to month. It's expensive, and I hate having to pay out of pocket for something employers usually provide, but we felt we had to. Thankfully we are healthy people and hardly ever go to the doctor (knock on wood) but still felt like going without insurance at all was too risky.

04. In other news, I set my alarm to get up and run every.single.morning. this week and every.single.morning. I ignored it.


I've started a hybrid type workout where I do cardio with TurboFire (love) and strength with ChaLEAN Extreme (love). The workouts are fun, fast and addictive, which is good. And super sweaty. Which is also good. I never thought I'd say this, but I like doing sumo burpees now.

05. And finally, I got my hairs did yesterday, which had been woefully overdue. When we took cupcakes up to Annelise's school a few weeks ago one sweet darling told me, "I like your hair. It's colorful." I took that to mean she liked the odd combo of grays, browns and bleach-y blondes I had going on up on top and told her thanks anyway.

I had wild aspirations of cutting it all off and going short and spiky again because I was at that desperate point where I could not stand my mop for one more minute, but saw the light of reason as I sat in the magic chair.

So once again I have the same angled bob I've had for, oh, just this side of forever.
Yet I feel like a new woman just the same.

That, my friends, is the power of the magic chair.

Today is early dismissal (1:00) for parent-teacher conferences (my turn is at 2:00) and I am still sitting here sipping coffee like I've got all the time in the world, so I guess I better scoot.

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. That letter to the Lego Makers is adorable. It reminded me that Max also wrote one not too long ago. Sometimes I think we're living parallel lives!

  2. The letter is too cute! Love it :)I have the old Turbo Jam and love it when its too hot to run, I've been wanting to check out the Turbo Fire! And I love the magic chair too! :) Have a great weekend! Oh, love your necklace in the pic, is it a Crystal B?

  3. my wife loves your hair can you show us a picture of the side and back.


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