Friday Night Lights

I don't have any explanation for what came over me last week.

I actually wanted to go to my old (former? alma mater?) high school's football game.

Y'all who don't really know me might not see what the big deal-io was, but my people sure did and they jumped at the chance to take Mama to a football game. (In case you're still not sure about me, I don't often want to go to mass sporting events, even local ones.)

So we went.
Did I forget to mention it was homecoming?

I know, I thought it was crazy early for homecoming too, but with five high schools sharing district stadium, someone had to draw the short straw for homecoming three weeks after school started.
Seems like I remember, you know, back in the day, the homecoming queen crowning taking place during half-time and the queen being driven around the field in some sort of classy convertible.

Now they do it before the game and there is very little hoop or la.

But Annelise was still entranced and made full use of her turn with the binoculars.
Then it was game time.

See, we have our game faces on.
Annelise got to hug Willie the Wildcat but you can hardly see her on the left behind the purple lady's elbow. 
I could not get over 1.) what passes for homecoming attire these days and B.) the ridiculous size of some of the mums.

I remember getting dressed up, in a dress and panty hose (suntan Leggs in the egg), my date wore a suit and I had a medium-ish mum ensemble.

Now it's hip to be as trashy as possible.

Ripped t-shirts or sweatshirts a la Flashdance, the shortest denim shorts available, huge mums as long as the wearee, teddy bears optional, body glitter and face/leg paint.
At one point Scott asked what I thought of the future generation and I admitted my fear and trepidation.
But there were Skittles, so all was well.
My favorite was half-time watching the drill teams and bands perform.

So cool.
The Wildcats were losing so we left after half-time (I know, fair weather fans).
Guess what?

I'm leaning toward going to the next home game next week.

I can't explain it.

But there will be Skittles.

What do high schoolers wear to homecoming in your neck of the woods?


  1. Some of these girls have to do weight training to hold up their mums, I swear! I agree, it's ridiculous. The lights on the mums crack me up, too. As a girl who did not grow up in Texas, the first time I was exposed to the mum sensation back 13 years ago, I was stunned. I still think it's rather silly, but it's life so there you go.

    The other day, I was at Home Depot and bought "REAL" mums and the dumb girl at the cash register told me, "The other day a woman came in and asked me where the mums were. I had no idea they are REAL flowers!" I thought, "Remind me not to ask you for any help in the nursery."

  2. I went to high school in Montana, and there were NO mums. The dance was usually the night after the game, and a pretty nice affair. Here (west Fort Worth) they go all out on the mums, and still have the fancy dresses for the dance. But as far as the actual game, they just wear their school t-shirts and jeans/shorts.

  3. I thought mums were out but I was wrong. One of our babysitters had a huge one in her pictures on FB. She was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, thankfully. They had a dressy dance later and her dress was pretty, though strapless which makes me nervous only b/c I would fear it falling down at any moment.

    We keep meaning to go to some HS football games but have not done so yet. Maybe soon.

  4. Oh, and to add, homecoming happenning at at least one local HS every weekend since the second week of football. And, we went to first UNT game. Girls wearing sports bras and too-short shorts with their bodies painted. I was embarrassed on their behalf.

  5. my daughter agrees it is too early for homecoming (the college kids just barely left for school!) and their game was Saturday afternoon. we watched it on TV instead!! I have no desire to go to any of the games. can't stand it!!! my daughter painted a tshirt but just wore it to school

  6. I love it...I think when my kids are in high school, I have a feeling I may be that obnoxious parent with the blingy sign doing all the screaming...And rocking the school colors of course...My kids are totally going to hate me...lol :)


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