InstaFriday {on Saturday}

Good morning y'all!

Nudge, nudge. Are y'all awake?

My people are still snoozing so I thought I'd sneak in my InstaFriday post that I never managed to do yesterday, even though it's now Saturday. 

Rebel. Is what I am.

We have become obsessed, obsessed I tell you, with playing Dutch Blitz.
It's a fast moving card game similar to Nertz and possibly a distant cousin to Speed and is seriously so much fun. Annelise caught on lickety-split and gives us a run for our money now.
My backseat drivers.

Annelise and Kit.

I know I posted this shweddy photo of me out on a shweddy run earlier this week, but I'm doing it again.

Posting the photo.

Not running.

But I did manage to run two mornings this week, which was less than my mental goal but better than nothing.
I think I have found the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever.


Try it.
Is there anything better than high school football on a Friday night? 

Well, yes.

But I still had fun.

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  1. I want to play that game!!

    Thanks for the cookie recipe, I have to make cookies today for a family party so I may try these.

    Any running is impressive to me.

    Did you wear your Tammy Taylor glasses to your Friday Night Football game?

  2. I giggled at Schweddy.Did you see Ben and Jerry's is making Schweddy Balls ice cream?

    I'm so excited for our first home game this Friday!!! Go Flames!!

  3. I already almost use that recipe. I have been using the vanilla pudding mix and milk chocolate chips for a couple of years now. Her recipe is modified from Nestle back of the bag recipe.

  4. Jill: Hope you like the cookie recipe--it's definitely my new fave. And, yeah, you know I had to wear my Tami Taylor shades at least for a while. :)

    Nikki: I did see ads for it but not in the store yet. I know that's poor humor (on my part too) but that SNL skit is hilarious.

    Nicole: I've put pudding mix in cakes but never thought to do it in cookies--it really makes them soft. Now I need to try the milk choc. chips (we just had semi-sweet).


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