InstaFriday {Vol. 13}

Hey y'all!

(smiles & waves)

Here I am typing up my InstaFriday post now that Friday is almost over and done with.

Slacker. Is what I am.

But not really. Today was just packed to the brim with you know, life.

And that's good.

Guess what? I followed through with my return to weekly meal planning, which based on my track record is a huge accomplishment.

I felt so, oh I don't know, grown-up and responsible all week.

And I fell in love with my crock-pot all over again.
They rule.

I am all about having handy dandy appliances do the bulk of the work for me.

But I'd sure like some healthier crock-pot recipes that don't call for any Cream of Chemical (yet still tasty) soups though. 
Wednesday morning Scott and I busied ourselves exercising, mowing (him), vacuuming & mopping (me) and then we high-tailed it to the early bird matinee ($5.25 each) to see Midnight in Paris.

And oh did we love it.

Fanciful & charming. Is what it was.

And we both appreciated the message of being content with the present you are in and not wishing you lived in a different time.

Although Paris in the 20s would be a hoot.

Green and navy. I am a fan.

The new Footloose movie? Disturbs me. (That last photo is of the poster.)

Footloose will forever and always and only be Kevin Bacon to me. The end.

Let's hear it for the boy...
We have two cats.

They are sisters.

This is one of them.


I kind of love taking pictures of the sun and clouds in the morning.

Just because.
Who says Lego ninja-gos aren't literate?

Ours seems to like Scrabble.
After passing out the stress inducing birthday cupcakes to Annelise's class during her lunch today and witnessing the hyped up silliness of 22 seven and eight year olds, Scott and I retreated to La Madeleine for a lunch of yummy salads (he always gets the chicken caesar and I always get the spinach).

I didn't realize until after 5:00 that I'd never put on any mascara.

And I wish I had a few clever and witty sentences to sum all of this up and leave y'all on a bloggy upswing, but all I can think about right now is taking my contacts out and crawling into my PJs.

I'm sure y'all understand.

I'm linking up at Life Rearranged once again (thanks Jeannett for hosting).
life rearranged

Happy three-day weekend!!


  1. hey is that a "playmobile" guy??? looks familiar!! haha!! luv all the pics!!!!

    thanks for letting me peek in!!!


  2. I WILL NOT be seeing the new Footloose movie. Why did they do this???? Ok moving on ~ I thought I would share a link for a crockpot linky party from yesterday. There are over 200 recipes up right now. I love using my crockpot, especially this time of year. ~. http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/2011/08/crockpotalooza.html

  3. This is rather fun, it's like you and Scott are dating again! I thoroughly enjoyed Midnight in Paris and was giddy to see all the sites in Paris again. I also loved seeing all those literary figures come to life, so cool.

    I love taking pictures of fluffy clouds and sunshine too!

  4. Hey girl...I am sorry to say that I have been a blogging bum lately....a creator and reader...Have not updated mine in the past month (gasp!!) and have not read much in the same time...I missed reading my favs including yours...But I think I am back with a vengence...I give you kuddos in being able to keep up MB blog as much as you do..I hope I can only be that great... :)


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