It's Great to Be Eight

Scenes from a birthday: Act I
Scott and I took cupcakes to second grade during lunch on Friday. It was CUH-razy. As in the kind of crazy only 22 silly, wiggly, hyped up 7 and 8 year olds can provide. They had Annelise stand up in front so they (first and second grade) could sing Happy Birthday, Cha-Cha-Cha, of course she ate.up. all of that attention and then gobbled her cupcake in approximately 3.2 seconds. 

We had one moment of drama where one precious requested vanilla frosting but I had only frosted a few with vanilla thinking chocolate would be most in demand, and Scott and I had just handed out the last vanilla right before precious's turn. Tears ensued. I felt bad, but not too bad because I'm not a fan of over coddling and am a fan of you get what you get. Thankfully another sweet precious traded her vanilla for the tear inducing chocolate and all was again well at that end of the table. Whew!

Scenes from a Birthday: Act II

Sunday morning could not come fast enough for our birthday girl. She was up with the birds and chomping at the bit to open a few of her gifts before church. Meet Go-Go the Walking Pup (from Pappo and Grandma), because our own real live golden retriever is not enough, whom she named Snowflake. Or Snowball. He's a little yippy but so far seems low maintenance.
She was also thrilled to open a new outfit for Kit. Later, after church and lunch at Chili's (she really, really, really wanted Mr. Gatti's pizza but we had eaten pizza the night before) she opened the rest of her presents.
A Lego NinjaGo thingie, a nerf dart gun with extra suction darts (!!), a new Nintendo DS game and her very own hot pink Ripstik (which has been much coveted for over a year since she saw Peggy's grandsons playing with theirs). Of course she could not wait to try it out and would not hear of changing out of her dress and silver flats before trying to rip it.
It was a little challenging at first, and still is, but she's getting the hang of it better these last few days. And she's been wearing her tennis shoes.

After much hemming and hawing our birthday girl finally decided on her cake. She toyed with ideas of red velvet, chocolate and strawberry before settling on her favorite, the tried and true cookies and cream cake (this year I used a vanilla cake mix instead of white and we gave it six thumbs up) for the third year in a row. We are creatures of habit after all. 
Scenes from a birthday: Act III

She's having a rollerskating party in two weeks with her girlfriends from school. I'm going to try not to panic. At least not too much.

It's true, turning eight is pretty great!


  1. It looks like a seriously great way to turn 8!

  2. Great pics. Luci has Kit also and I love that she is approaching 11 and still plays dolls!

  3. How cute!! looks like she had a great day :) I love that she likes Legos, so cute!! And the cake looks DELISH! Gonna click on that link..

  4. Her birthday sounds terrific! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!
    I thought of you yesterday when a former NASA employee came into my workplace. We provide food pantry items and utility assistance for struggling families. I hope you all are doing ok.


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