Menu Plan Monday

All things considered, last week's return to meal planning went quite well. We did end up eating out two nights instead of just one, but based on the pattern of the last sweet forever, this is an improvement.  Basil Pesto Chicken got bumped until another week since we ate out, but I am looking forward to trying it soon. As for leftovers, we ate them. Except for the beans, bless their little bland hearts. Oh well, thank goodness beans are cheap.

Here's what's cooking this week:

Monday: Salsa Chicken (crock-pot)

Tuesday: Naked Turkey Burgers (as in no bun, we are clothed while we eat them)

Wednesday: Teriyaki Pork Chops (crock-pot) & veggies

Thursday: Lazy Lasagna (crock-pot) & salad (ssh, don't tell anyone, I'm sneaking spinach and zucchini into the lasagna)

Friday: I'ma gonna type leftovers but I think we all know what we'll be doing, don't we?

I'm linking up with Menu Plan Monday at OrgJunkie.com, be sure to pop over there if you're needing some meal planning ideas!

What's cooking at your house?


  1. That salsa chicken recipe is my easiest go-to recipe of all time! I found it on a friend's blog once and even though I don't love chicken I knew the speed factor would more than make-up for my chicken issues.

  2. This was the first time we'd had the salsa chicken in a long time but we quickly remembered how much we like it, so easy and so flavorful. The chicken just shreds up easily. I used frozen chicken tenders so the ick chicken factor was pretty much nullified. :)

  3. look at you, girl!
    We have a chalkboard where we put the menu and on leftover days, we call it "YoYo" for (Your On Your Own) ;)

  4. thanks for the kick start. it is always so much easier in so many ways when I plan the week's menu! don't know why I fall out of habit at times. going to try two of your meals here this week. will likely do the salsa chicken next week.


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