Menu Plan Monday

Can you believe this is my third week in a row of meal planning?

And actual cooking?

Yeah, me neither.

But it's true.

I'm kind of like a grown-up now.

Last week we ate at home every. single. night. except for Friday (but that was the plan) and our evenings have been so much calmer, more home-y, more like they should be. Everything I cooked was pretty much a hit, except for the crock-pot lasagna. I don't know if it was the whole wheat noodles or if I let it cook too long or what, but I think I prefer the consistency of oven baked lasagna.

Here's what's cooking this week:

Monday: 3 Packet Pot Roast (crock-pot), green beans

Tuesday: Baked Pesto Chicken, oven roasted broccoli

Wednesday: Leftover buffet

Thursday: Taco Soup (crock-pot)

Friday: Based on our pattern I'd say there's a 99.9% chance we'll be eating out.

I'm linking up with OrgJunkie once again, be sure to pop over there for oodles of menu planning inspiration.

What's cooking at your house this week?


  1. Grilled pork tenderloin tonight. Chicken noodle soup Wednesday night for Timmy's birthday. No idea the other days. Menu planning fail.

  2. Congratulations on doing this successfully!! I really need to do some menu planning because with my crazy schedule we're lucky to eat cereal most nights...not cool. I would be happy to do that every other night if I was getting a decent dinner in-between.

  3. we did the basil pesto chicken yesterday. pretty good. though I think I am going to try the leftover on a sandwich to see how that goes. I think I just prefer the pesto and cheese on bread. I did a yummy and easy stroganoff tonight. thanks for the nudge in getting me back to menu planning (and your wed night looks like mine!)

  4. Nicole: I need to make chicken noodle soup--that sounds really tasty--maybe when it cools off around here again. I want to try that balsamic pork too.

    Jill: Well, cereal for supper has been known to happen around here too. :)

    Silken: Stroganoff--YUM! I hope the pesto chicken lives up to how I've built it up in my mind. :)


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