Oh Cupcake, My Cupcake

Pssst...Yoo hoo?...Anybody there?

I'm hiding taking a little break from the birthday cupcake assembly line.

I like to look at pretty cupcakes and of course eat pretty and scrumptious cupcakes, but an astute cupcake baker I am not. I can never seem to get the batter scooped evenly into their respective spots so Cupcake A feels superior to Cupcake E, Cupcakes LMNO tease Cupcakes PQRS about needing to lose a few pounds and poor Cupcakes XYZ look they need to eat a double cheeseburger, fries and a milk shake pronto.

And then there are the drips.

I hate drips.

(Have I ever told y'all I never make pancakes from scratch either? My poor deprived family.)


I used a mix.

(cue collective gasps of horror)


I added a package of pudding to the batter to make them more baked-from-scratch-esque-ish.

I don't think 2nd grade is too picky.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

P.S. On a whim I called a local bakery to see how much moolah 2 dozen cupcakes might be. Any guesses? Yeah. $24.00 per dozen. Clearly I'm in the wrong business (not that I'm actually in a business or anything).

P.P.S. But, oh, yeah...the drips.

Do you make cupcakes from scratch or a mix?
What's the secret to filling the cups evenly?
How much are specialty cupcakes in your neck of the woods?


  1. I think we all fill our cups unevenly...but I do like to use a large scoop ~ it really helps. Those that aren't as full get extra frosting! mmmm
    In our area (Reno) cupcakes are about $36 per dozen, and I do not think they are worth half that price. I'm just sayin....
    Mix all the way!

  2. I like to put my batter into a gallon sized ziplock bag, cut the tip off one of the corners and squeeze into the cupcake liners that way...saves on drips, measuring and mess all in one.

    Cupcakes up here in Alaska are closer to $45 a dozen for custom...

  3. I use an ice cream scoop for cupcake batter distribution. A dozen cupcakes from a bakery (not a store bakery) can be had for something like 20 a dozen I think, but not sure. At Target they are something like 15 for a dozen.

  4. Thanks for the tips y'all. Luckily all the uneveness didn't seem to matter much once they all baked up, some were a bit puffier than others though.

    $36? $45? I guess I shouldn't moan about the prices here--ha!


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