Self-Portrait Tuesday: Run

I seem to have become a stop and start runner.

One week I am all Connie Committed and the next I'm all Edith Excusey.

But today was a new day, complete with a surprise *cool* front, and so I ran.

Five miles.

And I remembered why I like this crazy running thing.

Here's to hitting repeat tomorrow.


  1. Wow, 5 miles! You're Awesome Amy! Right now I'm just One Mile Wanda :) What's on your playlist now, just curious?

  2. way to go!!! that cool air does a lot for us doesn't it! :)

  3. I'm always amazed and impressed when that you go running in that wicked heat! I fear I would always be Edith Excusey!

  4. Yea you! I am also that kind of runner it seems.

  5. Right there with ya! Lately I just can't get past the 4.5mi mark!! And its SO frustrating since I'm gonna do my 1st half marathon in Dec. I keep worrying I won't be ready, or won't be able to finish:( I've learned how mental running is!

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