I'm not sure if it's possible to have a more low-key weekend than the one we've just had. And really, given my druthers, I'd pick a low-key weekend over a jam packed one 10 times out of 10 because low-key is just my default gear.

Friday afternoon I raced up to school to meet with Annelise's teacher for our scheduled 15 minute conference. When I made it to her classroom door at 2:00 on the dot (the closer parking lot was full so I'd had to schlep a bit) I noticed the door was closed and there was another mom still in there.

So I waited.

At 2:05 I began to peer inside the window with a little more umph and send stronger ESP signals for the Other Mom to wrap it up and give me my turn.

At 2:06 eye contact was made through the six inch window and I gave a wave and a smile that totally meant GET OUT, but the Other Mom continued.

By this time there was a dad waiting for the slot right after me (2:15) and I was fuming. Do I knock? Would that be rude? Do I poke my head in? Do I stand there and continue to shoot daggers with my eyes?

I know it might not have been that particular mom's fault, someone before her could have set things behind, but I still blamed her in my head.

So once it was finally my turn, I was painfully aware of the clock and not running over into that dad's time, so I think Mrs. H and I chatted for approximately 8 minutes.

I felt a bit cheated.

On the way home I popped into Stein Mart, as you do, just to browse a bit since I hadn't shopped by myself in just this side of forever. I've really, really, really tried to cut back on casual shopping and willed myself not to go to Target, TJ Maxx, Old Navy, etc. these last few months and be content with what I already have. Most days I stick to that, but other days I guess I don't. I carried around a maxi dress (cute chevron stripes), two shirts and a blousy tank (all on sale) for a good 45 minutes before I put everything back except for the tank and a pair of silver earrings. I'm still thinking about that maxi dress though and kicking myself a little.

Friday night, after a yummy supper with friends at our favorite burger joint (where I always get the Frito Bean-Dito burger), we went to see some Friday Night Lights real time.
I thought our inflated maroon helmet thingie was cool until I saw the other team's giganto gator head that smoked. Yes, smoked. We need a fierce looking inflatable wildcat. When did these  giant run-through inflatables become the IT things at high school football games anyway? I feel old.

We left after half time, as you do, or at least as we do, because we were losing something awful. Well guess what? We apparently were the come-back kids and ended up winning (!!), and of course we missed out on all the hoopla.

Saturday was basically nothing of importance with a side of laziness.

Annelise woke up with a scratchy-ish, sore-ish throat this morning, so she and I stayed home from church. Boo.

I surprised her though by making her a special breakfast. Yay.
I'd never made egg-in-the-holes before, but for some reason I decided today was the day to try them. Or it, seeing as I only made one. Our glasses were all too wide and I don't have a biscuit cutter since biscuits pop out of a can around these here parts, so I used a heart shaped cookie cutter.

She thought it was the coolest (and tastiest) breakfast ever. Like in all of her 8 years.


I fiddled around this afternoon and eventually came up with these for Annelise's birthday thank-you notes:
Simple. But hopefully still cute.

Every time I go up to my craft hovel I'm reminded how I hardly ever get crafty any more and then I feel sad and guilty and then I turn out the light and leave.

Today though I tried to organize my printed photos that have been sitting in stacks on top of my craft hovel table. I feel guilty for not printing photos out more often and then I feel guilty for not scrapbooking them once I do print them. My Cropper Hopper was already quite full with neglected photo events from 2008 (!!) and now includes neglected photos from 2009, 2010 and even some 2011 too. Cue more guilt.

I was proud of Annelise for writing out her thank-yous without any whining or extreme stalling this afternoon.
We did do them in shifts though, a few at a time, which worked out well.

So if you throw in some TurboFire workouts and copious amounts of junk food, which totally negates any sweat and exertion, add a teensie bit of cleaning and a hefty amount of TV watching/video gaming, you have our weekend in a nutshell.

Or in PJs as the case may be.

How was your weekend?


  1. I absolutely love egg in a hole! Sadly the safety of eggs here is questionable, so no runny eggs for me for a while. (I'm so sad.) Next time you make them (I sure hope there is a next time), try spreading a bit of jam (raspberry and strawberry are my personal faves) on top of the final product. It's delicious!

  2. Our beloved Mean Green finally won!!!!! They haven't won at home in 3 years or something. It was super exciting. Also kids sports and some work and sick husband.


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