What My Fridge Would Tell You

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite perks to blogging is getting a peek into other people's lives and homes. The slice of life stuff is the best.

You know, getting all up in their business.

Even their fridges.

Yesterday, Edie posted about her fridge contents and what it might say about her, and I immediately thought, BRILLIANT.

Or maybe I've just reached the dregs of possible blogging material.


If our fridge could talk (and who's to know what happens when the door is closed anyway?) maybe this is what it would tell you...

The Good:
*there are lots of fresh fruit and veggies
*it's mostly all *real* food
*leftovers for lunch and quick meals
*dairy is our friend
*so is salsa

The So-So
*could we have more types of milk product? (almond milk:me, skim: Scott, whole:Annelise, half & half:me, whipping cream:recipes, individual milk: Annelise's lunches, cheese (colby jack & string): all of us and don't forget...real butter: good friend to everyone

*yes, that is a brown banana (for my spinach-kale smoothie later)

*we do have deli meat, which I'm not sure if that qualifies as *real* food (Annelise eats the natural choice Hormel stuff and Scott loves paper-thin-preservative-full Buddig)

The Bad
*I either need to throw out the leftover tortilla soup from Sunday or eat it for lunch today

*yes, that is a package of ground beef thawing out on the counter, which is apparently a no-no, but I forgot to transfer it to the fridge in adequate thaw time for our taco soup tonight (oops)

*is anyone ever going to eat that leftover turkey burger patty (it's from last week, should I toss or risk it?)

The Random
*I keep raw eggs in their container (house) and boiled eggs (usually for Annelise's lunches or quick snack) in the door

*I need to buy more dijon mustard after squeezing the last drop of our expired mustard last week (we're fine, no one died, it only expired in February, I think)

*I never know what I should keep in the bottom hydrator thing, usually onions and garlic or potatoes (which probably shouldn't be in the fridge anyway but I've never carved out valuable pantry space)

And a few more things (our fridge is wordy)...

1.) the leftovers prove I've followed through on my meal-planning (YAY)

2.) the large containers of spinach and kale mean I'm trying to be healthy(-ish, -ier) (at least  through smoothies)

3.) the almost full container of cabbage means I have not eaten a salad since I bought it and cut it up

4.) the boxes of stick butter means I've been on a baking binge (I should never have tried that chocolate chip cookie recipe) and therefore negate #2

5.) most of all though, I think a full fridge says we are blessed (!!)

You can peek at the inside of more fridges here.

What does your fridge say about you?
If you do this too let me know, you know I'd love to peek!


  1. cute!

    mustard expires?!? who knew... lol

  2. I'm with you on the milk! Whole milk for Eliot (mixed with 1/2 formula), skim for Griffin, almond for me, rice milk for Luci...

    We are still doing spinach smoothies here too. The kids each had one for breakfast. Along with a pumpkin choc chip cookie! I can't find a sippy cup that has a hole big enough for smoothie for Eliot, so I just spoon feed hers to her.

    And a full fridge definitely means you are blessed. My kids help me volunteer at the food bank on occasion and it boggles their mind that people right here near us don't have food to eat.

    I want to know how much people spend a week for food and have been thinking about doing a post on that. I spend about $400 a week (I can get it down to $310 if I stick to my grocery list) but really why should it be that expensive to feed your family healthy whole foods and not trash?

  3. Too many condiments. Too many leftovers that will never be eaten. I even saved the potato soup I made last week that none of us actually liked. I have issues about throwing away food. Not enough "real" food.

  4. A full fridge is definitely a great thing. I'm the coordinator for a food pantry and you would be so sad to see the people who would love to have a full fridge. I think of how blessed I am everyday!

  5. love the almond milk!! we are doing good on smoothies, I am happy adding the spinach to them. my oldest nephew said he can't believe the little girl I babysit loves veggies in her smoothies. I told him the smoothie I had made him that day had spinach in it. he didn't even know it!! :) your fridge is so clean too!

    as for smoothie for sippy cups, the only things I have done are like the lady above, spoon fed it, used it w/ a kids cup w/ lid and straw, or just share w/ extra straw out of my own cup. any way she gets it, that little girl loves her smoothies!


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