12 on the 12th {October}

01. coffee, coffee, coffee.
02. quiet time.
03. kix. it's what's for breakfast.
04. packing annelise's lunch.
05. bank drive-thru (those new fangled, fancy schmancy cameras freak me out a little, i was fine with just the static-y speaker and a little anonymity).
06. mulled cider candle burning, my only acknowledgment of fall so far (though there's rumor of a cool front coming).
07. my breakfast (spinach-kale smoothie).
08. after school smiles.
09. after school mcflurry treats (i think we'll stick with dairy queen from here on out).
10. after school room cleaning frenzy (thanks to my morning tantrum).
11. someone thinks mad libs are the coolest thing ever (which of course they are).
12. my supper (see #09).

there you have it, a little peek at my 12th. how was yours?

i'm linking up again with amy's blog. be sure to pop over there to peek at more 12on the 12th posts.

p.s. i think this might be my last post without capital letters as i'm starting to feel guilty about disappointing all my elementary school teachers. i also worry if i continue to eschew capitals what else will i do? i fear it's a slippery slope.


  1. i like your green smoothie glass with the stripes.

    those bank cameras are weird. i feel like i can never see in them b/c of the sun/reflection so they can see me but i can't see them.

    have a good day!

  2. woaaa those bank cameras? no thanks. dairy queen has the best soft serve for suuure. although, arctic circle has a dang good dipped cone. number ten reminds me that i should be cleaning my room right now instead of blog stalking.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Those bank cameras definitely freak me out!

    Messy rooms are what usually trigger my tantrums!

    (That deleted comment was from me but I was signed into my church account.)

  5. I need to start drinking that green drink, but it frightens me. Do you have a good recipe? On the other had your supper greens look delicious.

  6. I make my smoothies with a cup of almond milk, a couple of handfuls of spinach and kale, a banana, fresh pineapple and ground flaxseed. I mix the greens first--it can take a while--and then add fruit. It's really yummy!


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