Five for Friday

I've been rather quiet on the blog this week.
Nothing's wrong, just not a whole lot to say either, I guess.
And that's okay.

But now I suppose I'm over the quiet and managed to rustle up a few randoms to share.

Y'all know I like me a good random.

And improper, homey grammar when applicable.

01. There was a flier in Annelise's school folder this week about a HUGE charity garage sale this weekend where a part of the proceeds would help the 5th grade trip to Washington D.C. in the spring. So I put on semi real clothes this morning--and lipstick--and Scott and I checked it out after we took Annelise to school.

There were several HUGE charity sale signs marking the way, which were helpful, but oh so misleading.

The HUGE charity garage sale was all hype.

I mean, unless you wanted gobs of Christmas decorations, old VHS tapes and clothes.

Which we did not.
But we had fun anyway.

And drove around a bit looking for more garage sales just for kicks.

I'm more of of a drive-by, quick scope out type of garage saler (yep, that's a word, at least to me), and Scott is more of a looker and talker, like he's worried it's going to hurt the garage sale-ee's feelings if you only dart in and out. I'm more ruthless.

Are garage sales only an American thing? Do people in other countries dump all of their crap treasures on their lawn for complete strangers to peruse and haggle over too?

02. Since the garage sales were highly disappointing, we consoled ourselves with cupcakes on the way home.
As you do.

We also felt the need to get a few cake balls too.

Hello? The CandyMan called and wants his sweet tooth back.

03. As we were driving through different neighborhoods we saw tons of fall and Halloween decorations on proud display. Some arrangements were festive and fun and others were highly disturbing.

When did fake graves on the lawn with skeletons or zombies rising up out of them become popular? Or the inflatable skeleton on a motorcycle?

I'd like to see who puts out that kind of stuff.


Maybe I wouldn't.

04. Speaking of fall, and the fact it's the end of the first week of October and all, I feel the need to tell you I have not been able to find my fall decorating mojo yet.

And I might not look very hard for it.

I have a mulled cider candle burning and that's as fall as I'm prepared to go right now.

Festive and fun. Is what I am.

05. So my super cute girlfriend Lacie told us all about her favorite new lipstick during our fabulous girls' weekend and of course we all had to get one to try for our selves.

I've been leery of long lasting lip stains because the ones I've tried have ended up looking dry and crackly and icky after applying. Plus it's a big commitment because if the shade is uggo, well, you're kind of stuck.

But let's meet Maybelline Color Stay 24, shall we?
You apply the color first--and you must let it dry (until your lips feel sticky), this is key--and then you apply the lip shine balm, conveniently located at the other end of the wand.


This lipstick lasts.

Like, I ate a hamburger and still had lips kind of lasts.

All day color. I'm not kidding.

I don't want to know what the chemicals might be doing to me in order for the color to stick around for so long, but I like the lipstick just the same. I bought Constant Cocoa on our trip and then Endless Toffee (I copied you Heather) and am pleased as punch with both of them.

Happy Friday, y'all!

Do you like garage sales? What kind of garage saler are you?
Have you decorated for fall yet?
Any freaky decor in your neighborhood that worries you?
Have you tried long lasting lipsticks?


  1. I don't like garage sales, but I love flea markets. LOVE. JUNK.

    I have decorated for fall...hosting a fall craft fair, so it was essential.

    no freaky decor in our neighborhood, but we do live by a cemetery...for reals.

    I have not tried long lasting lipsticks. I used to be a lancome lipstick whore, but these days I'm more of a lipgloss lady.

  2. and, those cupcakes and cake balls look scrumptious!

  3. I slowly drive by, and if nothing looks good I keep on going. If I do get out, and it's really bad I look quick and then say "thank you". I don't like to waste time. I also don't like being mislead to an "estate sale" ` really????

    Most of my fall decor is out, but some is still in the container on the floor...........this weekend!

    We live in a big retirement area (I went and ruined that by having a baby at 42 ~ ha! ~ we actually stopped getting invitations to parties and dinner....WHATEVER)so we don't see a lot around here, but I cannot stand trying to avoid that scariness at Michael's. It scares my little girl!

    I use that same lip color and it really does stay on! I will have to check out your new colors.

    Those cupcakes look so amazing!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hahaha! I usually just slow down and look to see if there is anything worth stopping for :)
    My husband is one of those crazy get into Halloween types! He makes special illusion projects every yr, we're always the talk of the neighborhood! Hopefully in a good way! haha ;)I'm more of a Fall decorater..pumpkins, leaves, etc. But I let him have his one night of fun..hee hee
    But its hard because the two don't mix to well the Fall/Halloween.
    Good to know about the lip stain! I need to check it out, I used to use Lancome yrs agos but they don't sell it anymore. I've been HOOKED on all the lip glosses at Bath & Body Works, they're not too sticky and taste yummy!

  5. garage sale at my parent's house next weekend! not on your way home from school but at least you can chat while you look at everyone else's junk!

    we have lots of halloween decor in our area too. we have been going to our neighbor's house each morning for they little girl I keep to look at all their stuff. she thinks the skeletons/zombies are funny!!

  6. I am not a decorating type of person usually. I do like Christmas decorating, but that is usually it. But I was moved to buy some plastic gourds to put in my bowls/vases on my bar and mantle. So I did that. And just this evening my sweet 9 yo daughter made ghosts out of napkins and plastic eggs and pumpkins with wadded up paper and tape and decorated some foam plates and now they are all hanging from trees in my front yard (not the pumpkins though). So I guess someone likes to decorate.

    I rarely have the patience for garage sales.


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