Girlfriend Getaway: Salado

I can promise you I did not plan to not blog for like, what, six days or something.
I can't promise you I am proficient at writing clear sentences though.
However, I can promise you that I just returned from a delightful girlfriend getaway weekend.
You'd like to hear more?
Well, okay then.

Friday morning four girlfriends, along with two tween and teen offspring of one of the girlfriends, and all of our essential luggage piled into my car and we hit the road Jack. Since there were a couple of pairs of extra ears in the car (even though those ears had earbuds plugged into things) we delayed some of our discussions until 1:00 which was the planned drop-off time with the grandparents of those extra ears. So until then, when certain topics or other adult silliness would threaten to escape our lips, we'd say "1:00".

Imagine our delight when we pulled up in The Ville and parked right in front of a store with this sign.

You could not have stopped me from taking a picture.
We ate a delicious BBQ lunch at Zimmerhanzel's, where the BBQ is tender and everyone knows everybody.
On the way out of Smithville we saw the devastating evidence of the raging wildfires from a few weeks ago as we headed into Bastrop. Scorched blackened trees, ash instead of green grass and destroyed homes. For miles.
It was sobering and mind blowing to see properties with only debris and the fireplace bricks remaining and then an undamaged house right beside it. The mystery (and destructiveness) of fire reminded us of the mysteries of a tornado. Why did one house burn and another not?

We eventually made it a few hours and a hundredish more miles west to our hotel in Killeen, where we met our fabulous fifth girlfriend who drove down from her home to the north. After steering a highly unruly luggage cart and cooling off in our room for a bit, we loaded up again and headed into Salado.
Salado is a sleepy little town in central Texas filled with cute shops, artisan galleries, restaurants and wineries. It makes for the perfect girlfriend getaway backdrop.
First on the agenda was to check out a few shops before they closed, as shops in sleepy little towns are wont to do. As it turns out most close at 5:00, so we only made it to two. Next on the agenda was food, glorious food. Since we'd had BBQ for lunch we weren't necessarily hankering for more sides of beef, so our restaurant choices were rather limited. One bistro sounded promising but they were rather proud of their menu (read: shamefully overpriced) and in all honesty were not very welcoming (read: snooty). It was a tad embarrassing to exit a place after being seated, but we hadn't even ordered water, so we didn't feel too bad.

Thank goodness there was a pizza place right next door.
And it was yummy.

So take that snooty bistro.

Since they roll up the streets around 6:00 (unless wine bars are your thing), we decided to head back into Killeen and see a movie.

I know, girls gone wild stuff.

We couldn't find the theater in time for the early show so we decided to get some shopping in while we waited for the 9:55 show. And browsing at Target while sipping lattes and chatting at Barnes & Noble are much better when you can do them without little (or big) darlings pestering you to buy them something or hurry up.

What movie did we see? Why, The Help of course. It was even better the second time.

(Not that we watched it twice that night or anything, some of us had already seen it with our big darlings though.)

I can't tell you how many times over the course of the remaining weekend someone would bust out with, "You is kiiiiind. You is smaaaht. You is impohtant." and we'd all chime in grinning from ear to ear. As you do.

Saturday morning dawned and after coffee and chit chat, we eventually got ourselves together and into Salado just in time for lunch at a darling little tea room.
Here's Robyn, Heather and Kim...
and then moi with Lacie.
We dined on tasty Chicken avocado salad on croissant, Chicken Bravo soup with peach tea followed by...
warm Pumpkin Crunch for dessert (we shared dessert).
After lunch it was time to hit the streets of Salado. 

(Maybe I should say street since there is only one main drag.)
You know we had to take a feetsie picture. Can you guess which flip-flop is mine?
It was delightful to leisurely stroll along with no agenda, no schedule, no little (or big) darlings pestering you to buy them something or to hurry up.

Are you sensing a theme?
We went to a craft fair.

It was hot.
We took pictures.

We chatted and laughed.

We stopped back into The Pizza Place for restorative ice cold cokes.

Then we walked, and shopped and took pictures and chatted and laughed some more.
(We didn't eat here, I just liked the weathered sign)
I didn't buy anything except for a huge chocolate dipped marshmallow for Annelise and a piece of fudge for Scott, which turned into a huge commitment because you had to carry it around everywhere with you like the fake egg baby you had in high school so that it wouldn't melt (read: die). I was so over my little brown bag of treats by the time we got home Sunday evening.

I guess I was in more of a flea market junk mood instead of overpriced speciality gift shop kind of mood.

I even reached the point where I was fairly sure I'd come unglued if I saw one more blinged out cross.

But I held it together.
It was fun just hanging out together.
And being silly together.
Once the shops closed and the streets started to roll up, we headed for sustenance. As you do. Since we can't go three days without chips and salsa, we ended up here:
Are y'all really surprised?

Before we called it a night we stopped back by Target in order to play with lipstick and nail polish and then back by Starbucks before heading back to our hotel for late night chit chat and crafts. Kim helped us each make a cute-ed up frame with a bling-y magnet for our scripture memory cards. I don't have a photo because it was late and I was possibly delirious so you'll just have to imagine the cuteness.

After lunch Sunday we loaded up and made our way back home. We got to The Ville to pick up The Tween and The Teen just in time for some afternoon coffee and cake with Heather's darling Mama and Nana and eventually made it back to our respective little (and big) darlings later that evening.

So in a nutshell we drove halfway across Texas to eat, drink coffee, see a movie, walk around Target twice, carry fudge and of course browse lots of little overpriced shops.

But it was perfection because we were together.

And I bought a new lipstick at Target.

Are y'all really surprised?


  1. Seems so fun! I want to do this with my girlfriends so badly. But just scheduling lunch takes an act of congress it seems.

  2. Ah man! I'm jealous. I can't remember the last time I did a girl's trip. I really need to do that again. Sounds like a blast and I'm totally craving that pumpkin dessert now.

  3. Now that looks like fun! You have the best friends!

  4. My cousins and sister and I had our "cousins weekend" in Salado a few years ago, and stayed at the Stagecoach. We had a blast going through all the little stores and we all want to repeat it someday! We did the horse drawn carriage ride through town and the driver was great at telling all these stories about the town.

  5. FUN! I used to go on girl trips to Saledo when I lived in San Antonio! Christmas shopping!

    That pumpkin dessert looks yummy.

  6. It sounds like the most perfect weekend! I am so glad that I was included on the takeoff and the return for hugs. I love all of you sweet girls so much! You will never know dear...how much.

  7. I am still laughing, smiling and trying to get off my nail polish and 24 hour lipstick. ha! FUN TIMES!

    Love, Elphaba

    LOL LOL!!!!


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