InstaFriday on Monday (Otherwise Known as InstaMonday)

I thought about doing an InstaFriday post on Friday.

Obviously that's as far as I got.

So I guess I'll call this InstaMonday.
01. I helped sort papers for Annelise's teacher one morning last week. It's definitely not rocket science, but I was happy to help just the same.

02. We became that family. The one whose child does her homework at a restaurant because we were rushing from dance to dinner then to football. 

03. Our waitress asked us if we were our daughter's grandparents. And no this didn't bother me at all or cause a sudden anxiety attack or anything. Okay, it bothered me a little. We are older parents (49 and 42 respectively) and all,  but grandparents to an 8 year-old? Really?

04. Thursday night lights. Not quite the same as Friday Night Lights but since there are five high schools that share district stadium, someone has to draw the Thursday night short straw. We were  cheering on my old high school (Clear Creek) against last year's 5A Texas State champs (Pearland). We were losing when we left after halftime and missed a strong come back (this always happens to us). We still lost but at least it wasn't as humiliating as 50 something to 7.
05. Look what arrived in my hot little hands Friday afternoon (!!!) thanks to FedEx and a timely pre-order from AT&T. Of course we were holding out for the iPhone 5 and were initially a tad disappointed when we heard about the release of the 4s instead, but decided to jump in anyway since moving up from the iPhone 3g to the 4s is quite a leap up for us.

06. Of course we had to trek over the mall Friday evening so I could get a case for my new precious baby phone. A little browsing at the Apple store and an AT&T kiosk led to a new pink Otter case and a very giddy girl (me). We ended up at the food court, as you do, for supper. It was like I was 15 all over again. Except I had a kid.

07. We spent the rest of Friday evening at a fundraiser for Annelise's school, which ended up being lots of fun. We felt kind of guilty because we'd never made much of an effort to attend in the past, thinking (wrongly) it would be a high-pressure hit up for $$$. As it turns out, it was very relaxed and informative, no pressure to donate on the spot and there was coffee along with yummy desserts.

08. I actually got up early Saturday (!!) and hit the street wogging. Thanks to the clear skies, ever so slightly cooler temps and good tunes in my ears, I ended up doing 5 miles. (!!) 

And then we got Shipley doughnuts.

And in case you don't know, fresh, hot, glazed Shipley doughnuts are a little slice of heaven.

And I'm confident they didn't completely negate my five miles of sweat and effort or anything. Ahem.

(What? Don't you lie to yourself too?)

I'm linking up with Jeannett again for InstaFriday. Or in my case InstaMonday, which is basically the same thing.

Or not.

life rearranged


  1. way to go on the 5!

    people think I am a grandparent to the one year old I keep. the only reason that bothers me is that means my teens would be parents....which I know is possible and all, but I don't like the thought! but the worst is when someone asked if I was my cousin's mom-my cousin who is only a few years younger than me!!!

  2. Oh my, another Shipley donut fan! I love it. We have one just around the corner from our house and every Saturday morning, we make a run for Shipley Donuts. :-)

    Just stumbled onto your blog from April Kennedy's...happy to have found your cute blog.


  3. Go you, wogging 5 miles!

    So what is this Siri business? I'm too lazy to look it up but I know it is something with the new phones. None of that for me, since I got the 4 in January. Hubs is due for a new phone soon though!


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