Here we are the last week of October and we've finally fall-ed up our front porch.

I know!

We are nothing if not timely.

The good news is when you wait this long you can get mums on serious markdown (we bought several different sizes, they're just not pictured) and pumpkins were buy one get one free.

In other late breaking fall news, the inside of our home still has no inkling of Halloween or fall like it usually does. Nary a cute pumpkin, jack-o-lantern plate, big furry spider, leaf garland, morsel of candy corn, bric brac place mat or ghost dish towel in sight. And I think I'm okay with that. I miss the festive decor a smidge, but not enough to dig through oodles of Rubbermaid tubs. And another thing, my people haven't even noticed the lack of fall surrounding their space. Hrumph.

Yesterday I baked pumpkin bread in a fit of spontaneous fall-ness, following my trusty red Betty Crocker cookbook to a T, substituting whole wheat flour, like she said you could, and ended up tossing one and 3/4 loaves promptly into the trash after sampling. Hrumph.

Annelise took two small mums to her teachers earlier this week after we made simple tags and I wrapped each pot with jute. I am a fan of simple.
Since Annelise didn't have school on Monday (some random weather make-up day) we had a lazy morning topped off with a late breakfast at IHOP.

I kinda love our little family of Chucks.
Family happy hour.

We've fallen into the weekly habit (sometimes two times a week) of getting snow cones after school. (Well, Annelise and Scott do, I get a Starbucks.) Maybe it's just the shifting of the seasons or a staffing problem but their favorite place is only open on random days now. Bummer. This week instead of driving off heartbroken we consoled ourselves at Sonic. It was much cheaper anyway.
And finally, some random clouds with the sun barely peeking through caught my eye yesterday on the way to school.

And they made me happy.

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life rearranged
Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. hey I just saw in our local paper that 7,000 people registered for the race on Monday alone!

  2. Starbucks, Sonic....familiar runs over here too!!! haha!!

    good deal on the Fallish stuff for your porch!!! I like "deals"!!

    Happy Friday and GO RANGERS!!!!!

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog! I too love your family chucks :-) The view from your mirror looks like mine...Chevy
    z71? Haha! Wonderful blog, I'm happy to have found it :-)


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