InstaMonday (or I totally dropped the ball on InstaFriday)

I totally did not plan on doing another InstaFriday post on a Monday again, because twice is the beginning of a pattern isn't it? And not just any pattern, a slacker pattern.

Oh well, here I am.

And, as a public service announcement, brace yourselves not only for mediocrity but gigantor photos as well. On a whim I clicked on extra-large instead of original size, and oh my, these pictures are super sized. 

(Do you want fries with that?)
01. I was planning on doing a separate post about Annelise's second grade field trip to the Children's Museum last week, but guess what? I changed my mind. In a nutshell, it was the perfect field trip. They had their own guide, a cute girl dressed as a peacock, and we chaperones just traipsed along behind them from exhibit to exhibit. And by exhibits I mean play areas because the Children's Museum is totally hands on with tons of things to do and experience and role play and so forth. Annelise's favorite area was Kidtropolis which was a city street lined by a bank, market, news station, clinic, diner, vet, etc. where they could role play. 
02. Friday morning Scott and I chased a few hot air balloons around town in the futile effort of trying to get a good photo with my iPhone. The ones I took of them in the air looked like dots, but here are some closer dots landing in a field at JSC (not pictured but over to the side were several longhorn cattle dozing, you'll have to use your imagination).

03. We rewarded our efforts with doughnuts. As you do.

04. These are my feet outside of Annelise's dance place. I'd just signed up for another year of Mother-Daughter tap and had to take a minute to collect myself. We don't start until January, so I still have time to gather my courage.
05. My bangs were tormenting me so I tried to restrain them with bobby pins. I ended up feeling nine again. But they stayed out of my face.

06. Friday afternoon Annelise had early release (not sure why), so we treated ourselves to an afternoon movie. and gave Dolphin Tale six enthusiastic thumbs up.

07. Annelise had brain freeze with her free ice cream cone after our late lunch-early supper at Gringo's. Totally worth it though.
08. This has taken over our dining room table, 1000 pieces of fun and family togetherness otherwise known as a jigsaw puzzle. I'll keep you posted on our progress (and our sanity).
09. Lunchy-brunch after church yesterday. I heart La Madeleine. That is all.

And that, my friends, was a peek at my week brought to you by my iPhone, InstaGram and PicFrame (for the collages).

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