Let's Hear It For The Boy

When I first heard rumblings and rumors about the remake of my beloved teen flick, Footloose, I vehemently opposed it. I was a true blue Kevin Bacon-ite and no way no how was I going to darken the door of any theater showing a remake with a Ren McCormick wannabe.

At some point I saw the trailer for the new Footloose and was briefly tempted to change my strict no-remake policy (it's not just for Footloose, I tend to boycott remakes on principle) because I do like Julianne Hough (from DWTS), but I strengthened my resolve.

Until the movie opened last weekend. Suddenly I forgot my stance, my resolve and my principles regarding remakes.

Weak. Is what I am.

We weren't able to see it right away, so I used some down time over the weekend to prepare. I dug around and found the original, on VHS no less, and popped it into our last surviving VCR to do my homework, you know, brush up on the far reaching, deeply moving themes of the original.
Or just enjoy a little date with Kevin Bacon. Whichever.

And really, this movie has no far reaching, deeply moving theme.

The kids just want to dance.

As I settled in I was quickly surprised that I was allowed to see Footloose back in 1984, when I was 14 or 15. I'd forgotten all about the language, the teen s*x, and stuff, nothing too explicit (especially by today's standards), it was PG, but still. I think at the time I was all about the music, the moves and Kevin Bacon. 

Watching it again was the perfect time capsule back to the 80s what with the ruffle shirts, big hair, cut-off sweatshirts, acid washed jeans (some with pleats!), skinny ties, cassette tapes, jam boxes the size of Rhode Island, Sony Walkmans, high waisted jeans on girls with skinny belts and Member's Only jackets. My favorite parts are (still) the tractor chicken race, Ren teaching Willard to dance, and Kevin Bacon's solo dance/gymnast routine in the empty grain warehouse. The ending dance scene is fun, but Lori Singer's cheesy fake screams are highly annoying. In fact, Lori Singer is just annoying, but I heart  Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Penn.

By the time Wednesday rolled around I was giddy about seeing the new version at the early bird matinee with Scott (one of the small perks of unemployment).
I know. 180s. Am a fan.
And guess what? The new Footloose is good.

Really, it is. They changed a few things, which actually improved the story a bit and of course updated the music (by keeping the original songs but with different, I don't know, styles and adding some new songs), the dialogue (but also kept some of the original which warmed my true-blue heart) and the outfits (get ready for some skimp). I liked the new Ren, the new Ariel and the new Willard was. a. doll. (Seriously, who came up with the names for these characters?)  If you liked the original, you'll probably like the new one too (I know, I can't believe I typed that, but it's true). It's a cotton candy kind of movie for sure, but like Ren and King Solomon remind us, there is a time for everything...even a time to dance.

Just between us, I did kind of keep hoping for a cameo by Kevin Bacon though.

Do you love the old Footloose?
Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite scene? Song?
 Will you see the remake?


  1. Considering what a HUGE dance fan I am, it's a shame I've never seen Footloose. I know, I know. I need to add it to my Netflix queue and I have no qualms seeing the remake ;)

  2. I love the original Footloose! Love me some Kevin Bacon :) Me and my mom are going to see it Saturday, hope its as good as the original!
    ~Molly P

  3. Oh Holly, I'm so glad you wrote this post! My friend and I snuck to see "Footloose" when we were in 7th grade! My mom said it wasn't appropriate for us to see and was quite scandalized that Lori Singer doesn't wear a bra in the movie. (It really isn't appropriate for 7th grade viewing, but I saw it anyway.)

    I have always loved the soundtrack, Kevin Bacon, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Penn.

    Also, I live one town over from where the Lehi Roller Mills are so I see that building (where they danced and where he worked) all the time.

    I have resisted the remake on principle, but based on your recommendation will just "have" to see it. Thanks!

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