running: same song, different verse

at 5:30 this morning the alarm on my phone went off and i did not ignore it.

this was progress.

i didn't actually rise and shine right at that very moment, but soon(ish) thereafter i found myself outside about to go for a woggle (walk, run and waddle) which was a feat not performed in quite some time.

i could tell you that this is the turning over of a new leaf, a jump back on the wagon, an insert your favorite idiom here, but i won't because i've told y'all all that before and that tends to set me up for failure. so i'll just say i had a good time and hope running calls me tomorrow morning for another date. a girl can dream.

the stars were still shining in the predawn sky and i was tempted to plop right down in the grass and gaze for a while. but i didn't. stars always take my breath away when i stop long enough to notice. i saw a young deer in the early morning misty fog and it was beautiful. and skittish. i also smelled fresh grass, exhaust, coffee and what i'm 92% sure was a skunk, but not all of those smells were sniffed at the same time so it wasn't terrible.

over the last month(ish) or so(ish) i've been doing turbofire and chalean extreme workouts at home, and i've really enjoyed them, but i've missed running too. i'm sure there's room for both but i've got to stop laziness and sloth from getting in the way. and sweets. i'm not certain, but i have a hunch that a lot of my food choices are canceling out 86.2% of my sweaty workouts. either i make good choices through most of the day, and exercise, and blow it that night or i have a good week with food and exercise and blow it to bits over the weekend or both.

i hate that.
stop it.
no really, stop it, holly.

fingers crossed.

(is this whole lower case, i'm too good for capital letters thing annoying or artsy? i can't decide.)


  1. I am so up and down on exercise lately. But every time you make an effort is a victory, and that you are still getting out there means you have not quit. So just keep going.

  2. Thanks for the reminder -- and encouragement Nicole!

    I need to remember that every bit helps--even with days off, that's better than none at all. :)

  3. Please move to Utah so we can go for our morning wog together! (and i don't say that to just anybody; i hate to run with other people. but if you moved to utah, i would want you to be my wogging partner.)


  4. I've had an idea for us to keep us running. I'll have to email ya to see if you're up for it and if it would be motivation to you.


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